10 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Healthy this School Year

Despite it being the start of another school year, most parents find that their children are often home bound, more than school bound because they get sick so often. There are a number of factors that lead to your kids getting sick. Being around their peers is a huge factor and the stress of an academic year or the problems in the family, can also make them more vulnerable.

Our Kids Your Link to Family Activities in DC Maryland and VirginiaAlthough you cannot stop your kids from getting sick, you can help them by boosting their immune system and helping them lead a life where they feel strong both mentally and physically. This way, their bodies will be able to handle the stress and the germs. The following is a list of tips to help you keep your kids healthy this school year.

Nutrition First

Food is the best medicine and so before anything else, you must take care that your kids are eating the right foods. Whole grains, Omega-3 rich foods, fruit and vegetables, rather than sugar loaded foods or junk, will help your kids be more focused, be physically healthy and feel stronger.


It takes time and preparation to keep everyone healthy. This said, to ensure that you always have healthy snacks at hand to give your kids, you can plan ahead and pack homemade trail mix, nuts, dried fruit, or prepare dips and vegetables so that there’s always something healthy you can give them. Moreover, a meal planner is a lifesaver when you want to keep everyone healthy.

Long Walks

There is something therapeutic about a long walk. It feels easier to unwind and talk about things while performing this mechanical movement. Going for long walks as a family, or simply you and one of your kids is an opportunity for you to listen as they open up about issues they are struggling with.


Washing hands is the most important thing your kids can do to avoid getting sick. Start them young and emphasize on its importance before or after they do something, so they can be as germ free as possible. A hand sanitizer helps too.

Don’t Touch Your Eyes

Even if you tell them to wash their hands, chances are they are going to forget at some point, so telling them not to touch their eyes or mouth is another way of avoiding carrying germs from others to their bodies and getting sick.

Less Screen Time

For children to mentally relax, you need to keep them away from too much screen time. Getting them out of the house and in nature will help them to unwind.  Setting limits on your child’s screen time is also a must.  Here are some great recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Play Your Old Toys

The last point can feel like a challenge because gadgets are so tempting to kids, but you can tempt them with your old toys. Ones like the jump rope, the hula hoop or games like hide and seek, will make playing outside more alluring for them.

Don’t Share Bottles

Remind your kids that while sharing is a good thing, letting others drink from their bottles isn’t because of germs.

Less is More

Scientific research has proven that the happiest people are those who don’t feel rushed. It may be tempting to fill your kids’ days with several activities but to preserve their mental health, less is more in this case.

The Power of Sleep

Sleep is another form of medicine that you can use to help your kids stay healthy. Whether they are tired from a stressful day at school, sad because of something going on in your family or simply feeling more tired than usual, sleep can make your kids feel balanced again.

What things to do you do to keep your kids healthy throughout the year?  Comment below!

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