About Our Kids

Our Kids is the go-to resource for parents (and grandparents!) looking for fun places to go and exciting things to do with kids.

We are Your Link to Family Fun.

We focus on family-tested places, events and activities that can help you plan your day, regardless of what interests your kids might have or what ages they are.

For us, it’s all about having fun together as a family and creating new memories.

That’s why we work so hard to bring you all the greatest things to do near you and as you travel to new, exciting places.

How We Started

Our Kids was founded in 1999 by Doreen Morehouse who lived in Reston, Virginia with her husband Scott and her daughters Kirsten and Allison.

Mom with family who started Our Kids

She was always trying to find activities for her kids that were both fun for the child and parent-friendly. She quickly realized how difficult it was to find out about all the happenings in her are so she started Our Kids to help other parents take full advantage of the activities & resources in her area.

Her focus, which continues to be our focus today, is on sharing the places our team has visited and would recommend to other families.

Our Kids was later ran by another mom, Amy, who lived in the DC area with her two daughters.

For many years now, Our Kids has expanded our writing team of local moms who live across the country so we can bring you, our reader, great places to go and things to do no matter if you want to stay close to home or you want to take a road trip.

How to Use Our Kids

Previously, Our Kids offered a weekly subscription based newsletter that included events and happenings in the DC area. Today, Our Kids is a free online guide to activities and resources for parents and families.

Today, you’ll find great ideas for fun things to do and exciting places to go by location and also by category (museums, nature, water parks and others).

You will also find a search box in our menu so you can easily search and find what you’re looking for.

Our goal is always to help you not only discover what to do but also what to expect when you arrive. We put a lot of the time and effort into finding and planning for fun outings so that you don’t have to!

Connect With Us

We’re always on Facebook and Instagram, sharing exciting places to go, things to do with your family, events & happenings and more.

If you have a question or want to share something with us, you can contact us here.

If you are interested in an ad, sponsoring or promotion, please connect with us by text, phone or email on our Advertising page.

Our Writers & Team

We are so lucky to have some amazing writers and moms on our team that live in different states across the country so we can bring you the best fun ideas no matter where you are or where you are going.

Michaela Lee, Writer

Michaela lives in Northern Virginia and is a mom of 2 young kids. She enjoys writing, reading and going new places with her family.

Jamie Davis Smith, Writer

Jamie has lived in Washington, DC for more than twenty years and she loves exploring all the area has to offer with her 4 kids.

Emma Williams, Writer

Emma was born and raised in Pennsylvania and loves exploring the state with her 3 kids, husband and Labrador. She loves nature and finding new, fun places to go.

Chris, Writer & Editor

Chris was born and raised in Virginia and is now raising her kids in Arizona. She loves visiting new places and exploring her state.

Shruti Pali, Writer & Editor

Shruti was born abroad and loves staying up-to-date on what’s happening. You’ll often find her out and about with her 3 kids and 2 dogs.

Want to join the team and share fun things to do and places to go in your local area? Contact us.

Featured In

Over the past nearly two and half decades, Our Kids has been featured in the press and other publications including:

  • WTOP Radio’s Mommy Track
  • The Journal Newspapers
  • The Washington Post
  • Times Community Newspapers
  • The Observer