Alexandria Drive-In Movies

One silver lining to the pandemic is discovering new and creative ways to have fun as family or during date-night. If you need to get out of the house or just miss movies, the Alexandria Drive-In is a great solution for a socially distant activity everyone can enjoy.

My family really enjoyed our recent visit! I had never been to a Drive-In before, so I was not sure what to expect.  I’m happy to report that the Drive-In exceeded my expectations! 

When you arrive at the Alexandria Drive-In there are plenty of helpful staff to give you directions and answer questions. Each car gets its own Welcome Bag with helpful instructions about how to listen to the movie and order popcorn and dinner. After checking-in you will proceed to the parking lot where the movie is being shown. Cars that face forward go to the front and larger cars that face backwards park in the back.

My family has a minivan and wanted to face backwards. I was a little concerned that we would not have a good view but we could see perfectly once the movie started. We also really enjoyed the food trucks that were at the Drive-In the night we attended and had pizza and funnel cake in addition to the snacks we brought. 

There is a great line-up of movies coming up! Some nights one movie is shown and other nights there is a double feature! Check out the great line-up for a family night or date night. Upcoming movies include holiday favorites like The Grinch and classics like How to Train Your Dragon, Love Actually and the Bourne Identity. 

Good to Know:

  • When to arrive: The Alexandria Drive-In opens for parking one hour before showtime. We recommend arriving early for two reasons!  First, you will have a better chance of getting a spot you like the earlier you arrive. Second, you will want some time before the movie starts to get situated in your car to make sure everyone is comfortable.
  • Plan for snacks! Many families we saw brought their own dinner or snacks. We brought some snacks but really enjoyed the food trucks. You can order when you arrive or before using the link on the Alexandria Drive-In website. You can check which trucks will be there ahead of time and order before you get to the movie or anytime while you are there. The system is really easy! Order from your phone and choose a time-slot for pick-up. Note that there was a long line to pick-up pizza so we recommend ordering in advance and choosing a pick-up time before the movie begins so you won’t need to leave your spot after the movie begins. 
  • Know the COIVD procedures! When you check-in everyone in the car will need to wear a mask. After you check-in masks can come off. Moviegoers are expected to stay in their parking spot except if picking up food or using the port-a-potty. Masks are required if leaving your space. 
  • Where to sit: It is allowed to watch the movie outside of your car. Some families we saw brought lawn chairs or blankets. However, note that you cannot sit outside of your spot and the spots are not huge so if you have a large family there may not be enough space for everyone to sit on a chair.
  • How to park: If you can park backwards (such as if you have a minivan or pick-up truck) plan to bring a couple of pillows or something soft to lean on. We did not do this since we were first-timers but we saw plenty of other families that did and it looked like a great idea!
  • What to bring: Anyone sitting outside may want to bring a blanket for warmth as we move into the cooler months.

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