All That’s Hip Hop

If you are looking for a high-energy introduction to hip-hop dance for your child, look no further than All That’s Hip Hop at Imagination Stage in Bethesda.  This class is a great primer for kids to learn the fundamentals of rhythm and movement, while putting together routines to their favorite age-appropriate pop and hip-hop songs.

When my Kindergartener started showing a strong interest in dance and hip-hop music this year, we enrolled in the K-1, mixed gender class (January – May).  My son came home showing off his dance moves each week, and while they looked more like exercises to me then hip-hop moves, he was having a blast and was eager to go to class.  I assumed teaching hip-hop to a group of five and six year olds was no easy task, so I was happy if he was.

Halfway through the semester, we were treated to a rehearsal performance and all the parents were thrilled to see those exercises come together into an adorable routine.  The kids were doing a great job keeping to the beat, dancing within their spaces and using their whole bodies to bring their moves to life.  I was impressed by how much they had learned and how engaged each child was.  The parents were invited to join in to learn portions of the routine and all the families had a great time dancing with their kids.

In addition to this being a really great intro class for kids, I also love the fact that they are getting a full hour of heart-pumping exercise.  They don’t stop moving for a second, are using all of their muscles and get good and sweaty.

While some kids in the class are stronger dancers than others, I would say all are really on a level playing field.  Our instructor, Maggie, is a wonderful dancer who does a great job picking music that the kids respond to and focuses primarily on just having a really good time.  As for the music, if you are singing it in your car, they are probably playing in this class.  Pharrell, check!  Katy Perry, check!  Party Rockers are definitely in the house.

I look forward to seeing the end results in May, and for now could not be more pleased with this program.  I will look forward to enrolling my son again in the fall to build upon the groundwork this class has laid and to continue to foster his interest in music and dance.

Imagination Stage offers hip-hop classes for a variety of ages, starting as early as age 4.   If you are looking to try out the class, a week-long Spring Break camp will be held from April 14 to 18 for the K-1 age group.  Summer hip-hop classes, appealing to a variety of ages, are currently listed on the website, and an expanded offering of classes for all ages will be back for the fall semester.  The cost for the one-hour hip-hop class during school months is $250.

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Rosenberg.

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