The Art of Banksy is in DC (The Inside Scoop)

The Art of Banksy is in DC and we have the inside scoop!

For those unfamiliar, Bansky is a street artist and activist from England. Many of his works
are iconic and his real identity remains unknown.

He has done everything from painting an elephant to match wallpaper to depicts “the elephant in the room” that no one ever talks about such as poverty.

His artwork appears on album covers, Greenpeace posters and as graffiti on public walls.

The Art of Banksy is a traveling exhibition that is “unauthorized.”

Works are from private collections but Bansky had nothing to do with this show. However, the works on display are authentic and there are over 100 works on display.

In addition to original works of art, there are also video interviews, photos of some past exhibits (including the infamous painted elephant) and other artwork designed by Bansky such as album covers and posters.

For anyone curious about Bansky, this is a great opportunity to see many of his works
together and to learn more about the artist’s history and philosophy.

It is important to know that Bansky often seeks to, in his words, “disturb the comfortable.”

Is the Exhibit Good for Children?

This means there is some strong language and depictions of violence so it may not be a
good choice for young children.

We think it’s okay for t(w)eens but use your discretion. I did bring my seven and eleven year olds and was prepared to answer questions they had but we think it’s a better choice for older kids, a date night or girl’s night out.

Tickets & Pricing

Tickets are timed. You need to wait until your group is called in to enter. Typically you will be able to enter up to 20 minutes before your timed entry and 20 minutes after your sessions begins depending on operating hours that day.

You can reschedule your day or time but there is a fee.

Tickets start at $34.99 for kids six and up and $39.99 for adults. Children five and under are free.

There are VIP options that include access to a VIP lounge, a poster and a souvenir laminated pass.

Good to Know:

  • It will probably take about an hour to get through the exhibit, but this will vary depending on how much time you take to read the captions and watch the videos.
  • No bags are allowed in the exhibit so you will need to check your bag before entering.
  • Definitely check out some of the great restaurants in the area before or after your visit
  • There is a gift shop when you exit the exhibit with some nice souvenirs featuring Bansky’s art.

Getting There

The exhibit is located in the heart of Chinatown.

The exhibit is underground next to the Capitol One Center. It occupies the old Bed, Bath and Beyond space. Look for the decorated doors (across the street from Chipotle) so you know where to enter.

There is metered parking around the exhibit but we recommend using metro or finding a parking spot using SpotHero so you don’t feel rushed.

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Jamie has lived in Washington, DC for more than twenty years and she loves exploring all the area has to offer with her four children.