B-Ready Britax Stroller

Hello B-eautiful.

Guess who showed up at my door this week? Ms. B-Ready herself. Standing there proud all boxed up and ready to be unwrapped into a new home. I couldn’t wait to see my new “ride”! My husband and I had been anticipating our new B-Ready stroller in hopes that it would fit our new lifestyle. They say being a toting parent of one child is way different than toting two.

You see, before we found out we were expecting another bundle, we housed 3 stroller choices (yes, we had 3 strollers) that graciously bogged down our small space of storage right next to my husband’s desk area. We would look at the stroller line up and think, “Seriously? Do we really need 3 strollers for one child?” In the words of my Mother, “You have more strollers than Carter has liver pills.” Whatever that means.

I feel the need to explain our stroller buying decisions. We really aren’t that pack-ratty. We actually take pride in our fairly clutter free home, where organization is almost as important as getting sleep. So, our first stroller choice was the handy dandy snap and go. It accommodated the needs of our infant car seat carrier, matched my muscle strength and was a piece of cake. We wanted our lives as simple as possible considering that we weren’t going to be getting much sleep in the beginning stages of parenthood.

Looking ahead, we realized our bambino would grow. And grow she did. She grew right into an in-betweener stroller. Luckily for us, our sisters gave us our in-betweener stroller for our shower gift. It was perfect for when Samantha could sit up and look out to the world beyond her. Lightweight and easy to fold, it was working out great for all involved. But wait. How could we take this stroller with us on a run? Or to the various terrains that awaited us in Northern Virginia? The answer, “We need a jog stroller.”

So on our next date weekend, we headed to Toys R Us and test ran a bunch of joggers. (You are probably wondering why we spent our precious date time on a trip to Toys ‘R Us but rest assured that we had a romantic getaway in DC shortly after.) So, there we were; two strollers at home and one more in our trunk. We had a stroller for every need. Not quite!

This is where the B-Ready has enlightened our lives. With our growing family and stroller collection, we decided it was time to consolidate. We are anti-clutter, afterall. We had a talk with the jogger and she agreed kindly to be posted on Craigslist. One week later she had a new home. My Mom adopted the in-betweener stroller and we have set up visitation rights. We were pretty tight with the in-betweener. And the snap and go still resides with us but is awaiting its next home.

B-Ready is in our hands and she is a beauty! The configuration options on this charmer are ridiculously sweet. When you turn the stroller, it (wait for it) TURNS! It doesn’t do that stutter-stop thing that gets the driver in a pickle. It’s smooth, sleek and practical. Britax has thought of everything. Ev-er-E-thing! I can put Samantha up top and the Britax infant carrier in the lower half of the stroller – or vice versa. Maybe I feel like switching it up and having the carrier on top and Samantha take the lower level. My point is that the options are unlimited. I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about how much easier our lives will be while toting around two kids under two.

Tidbit of the Day: Strollers can make or break your day. I’m serious. B-Ready has totally made mine.

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