50 Basketball Gifts for Kids: Fun Alternatives to a Ball & Hoop

If you’re looking for gifts for kids who love basketball, you’re in the right place! Whether you are looking for basketball players or just basketball lovers who enjoy watching the game (or even for the basketball coaches out there!), these basketball-themed gifts are just what you need. 

Some of the best gifts are the ones they’ll use every day or every week. And some of the best basketball gifts won’t set you back much at all. 

So whether you’re looking for Christmas gifts, gifts for the holiday season or cool basketball gifts for birthdays or other occassions, you’ll find all kind of great ideas!

Alright, let’s jump right into these fun basketball gifts…

Stainless Steel Water Bottle 

This stainless steel basketball travel tumbler was obviously made for anyone who eloves basketball. It makes for a great gift they can use everyday.

Mini Basketball Hoop

This mini basketball hoop is an upgraded version of my sons as it has an electronic scoreboard. Please no one tell him! This hoop is so fun for them to put on the back of their doors.

Plus it comes with 4 mini balls that are soft enough to play inside without huring anything or making lots of noise.

Brand New Basketball (Wilson Evolution)

This indoor basketball is one of the nicest and made by a well-known brand. It has great grip and will last kids for a long time.

And what kid doesn’t like having the official basketball of the NBA?

Portable Basketball Hoop 

A portable hoop is great for setting up wherever and whenever you’d like. It also grows with your kids as it can be adjusted from under 5 feet to 10 feet high.


I love that my kids can play basketball on their own but they don’t last as long when their ball is rolling away and they spend more time chasing it than they do shooting.

So I picked up this inexpensive rebounder and now they’re getting tons of shots up and they play longer outside!

Smart Basketball 

This smart basketball is so cool! It uses a sensor to detect how many shots are made, the kind of shots, and other metrics like shooting release angle, release time and spin rate.

It really helps boost their confidence seeing what they do well and helps them identify what they need to do.

NBA Game

There are several good basketball video games depending on the console your child has but they definitely love this NBA game!

Basketball Arcade Game 

This dual shot basketball game is designed for home. It comes with 4 balls and has 10 different game modes. What I love is that my son’s friends want to spend more time at our house so they can play.

That way I know where he is and what he’s up to. The scoreboard makes it more fun too. Just plugin and play!

Basketball USB Flash Drive 

This is such a cute basketball USB that’s perfect for kid’s school or to hold pictures or projects.

Dribble stick 

If kids want to work on improving their dribbling skills, this basketball dribbling stick adjusts for them and they have to try not to hit the stick as they move around.

Simple and effective!

Plush Basketball Pillow 

This cute and comfortable plush basketball pillow is a great accessory for a kid’s room or area.

Video From Professional Basketball Player

Did you know there are services like Cameo where you can choose a professional basketball player and ask them to record a message so you can surprise someone?

Can you imagine being a kid and receiving a video message from one of your favorite basketball players speaking directly to you?

Basketball books

There are so many great basketball books available. Here are really good ones for kids:

Ball Pump 

Every basketball player needs a good ball pump in their bag.

Basketball Gift Card

A gift card to a sports store, shoe store, or even Amazon for basketball gifts is sure to be appreciated. Consider stores like:

  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Nike
  • Under Armour
  • the NBA Store

This way the child can go in person as well as order online.

Glow in the Dark Basketball 

Now these glow in the dark basketballs are just cool!

Basketball Decor

What I love about gifting basketball decor is that they can enjoy it everyday.

Some really fun decor options are:

Basketball Lights

This basketball neon light is really cool!


These posters of basketball players of some of the greatest currently playing, are just really neat. Kids will happily hang these!


While you typically see basketball posters, these prints are a nice alternative.

Motivational Posters 

I really love the positive messages that kids can learn through sports. And when these messages can be reinforced by posters they can re-read everyday, it really helps those messages sink in.

String Lights 

These basketball string lights are unique and fun. They’re a great addition to a basketball room.

Basketball Clock 

This basketball clock is definitely unique and is a great addition to a basketball themed space.

Basketball Hamper

Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do to get boys to keep their dirty clothes off the floor. There’s a good chance this basketball hamper is the answer.

Memorabilia From Their Favorite Team or Favorite Player

Does your child have a favorite team? Really any memorabilia is exciting! Do they want to decorate their room, have something to wear or carry around?

Think about what would excite them.

Basketball Jersey 

While of course their are player and team jerseys, there are some generic (and less expensive) general basketball jerseys as well.

Basketball T-Shirt 

While you can’t use a basketball jersey all the time, they will likely want to wear a basketball t-shirt every single week.

Basketball Hat 

Basketball hats are both fun and practical as they’ll get a lot of use out of them.


Don’t forget about their favorite WNBA players or even their favorite high school teams .

Or even just items with their favorite team colors.

Basketball Shoes

If you want to get a basketball gift that a kid will use every single day, basketball shoes may be your answer.

Splash Hoop 

The kids have an absolute blast with this inflatable hoop in the pool! Especially with friends over, they’ll wear themselves out for as long as you’ll let them.

It’s a really good size and comes with an automatic pump. The kids will definitely be jumping off the diving board to try and dunk in this hoop.

Basketball Drawstring Bag 

This is a great, light drawstring bag for carrying to the court everyday!

Basketball AirPods Case 

This is such a cute AirPods case kids can hook to their kids or hang from their lanyard.

Basketball Push Pop 

The kids are all about the pop-its and fidget toys these days. And these basketball themed pop-its are extra fun.

Pass to an Indoor Gym With a Basketball Court

There are lots of indoor gyms. Some with a basketball court and some are entirely dedicated to basketball. These are great places to get gift certificates to so the child

Basketball Pajamas 

These basketball pajamas are soft and cozy. My son puts on his pajamas a lot faster now. It’s nice that the pattern works for older or younger kids.

Basketball Nightlight 

My 10-year-old has had this basketball nightlight for a couple of years now and still uses it every night. He’s changed the color of the light over the time he’s had it.

Basketball Initial Necklace

With this basketball necklace, you can choose the child’s initial so they have a necklace that’s more personalized to them. Plus, it feels more unique and noticeable!

Basketball Stickers for Waterbottle

This 50-pack of stickers is perfect for water bottles, skateboards, bikes, their room or anywhere else they’d like to use them.

Basketball Socks

These basketball socks are nice and thick and can definitely be used in games or tournaments. Or just around the house like my son does beause they’re fun like that.

Basketball Blanket 

How fun will it be for them to watch a game and use their new basketball fleece throw. It’s soft and a nice size.

Basketball Hoop Lights 

Especially during the months where it gets dark earlier, having a lights for the rim will make basketball even more fun to play (and of course, possible at night).

Basketball Bedding

If your child is thinking about having a basketball themed room, this basketball quilt set will completely transform their room.

It’s even reversible if you ever want to have different colors or just change things up without spending any extra money.

Basketball Sheets 

These super fun basketball sheets are comfortable and a great price. Plus, any basketball loving child is going to love them.

If you really want to go above and beyond and get a comforter too, they’ll be on top of the world! This is another basketball gift they’ll use every single day.

Basketball Backpack

This basketball backpack is a practical gift and it’s easy to put in a basketball, shoes and other gear.

Basketball Cards 

Whether they have a basketball card collection or may be ready to start one, this pack of 100 official NBA cards comes in a basketball gift box.

Shoe Charms 

This comes with 30 basketball themed shoe charms which are a lot of fun. They’re inexpensive and great quality.


Ok, so maybe this deodorizer is more of a gift for you than it is them. But hey, at least it looks fun!

Novelty Mug 

This is a funny basketball gift for sure! Now tell me what kid isn’t going to have fun dunking marshmallows in their hot chocolate with this basketball mug?

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