Big Apple Circus

This year marks 40 years of the Big Apple Circus and the show reflects 40 years of perfecting this amazing performance. My kids had never been to a circus before. I showed them the video on and another teaser from YouTube. They could not wait to go.
The National Harbor is an excellent location for the event and my son was eager to point out the Big Top as soon as it came into view. We parked the car and raced toward the tent. As we were seated, I was struck at how intimate the space felt. Everyone is nestled in no farther than 50 feet of the stage!
The lights dimmed and the action began. The performances were absolutely stunning and I found myself as wide-eyed as my children were. From the contortionist Elayne Kraymer holding her entire body weight with bit in her mouth, to a magnificent high flying trapeze team to the most remarkable gran finale of the Fabulous Wallendas performing a seven person high wire pyramid crossing.
I was expecting lions, tigers, and an elephant, but they were nowhere to be seen. This void was wonderfully filled with a string of ponies and horses and a team of rescue dogs that were talented on their own accord.

The clowns had my son and daughter in stitches with their flatulence jokes and a supreme water fight. The whole drive home, my kids went through all the acts. Getting ready for school the next day, my son was trying some of the contortionist moves to get his shoes on. Yes, we were almost late.
Take your kids. It is something they will not likely forget anytime soon. Neither will I.
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