Blue at Imagination Stage

By Jamie Davis Smith
A live performance where children are not expected, or even encouraged, to stay in their seats is a dream come true for the five-and-under set. A live performance without any seats is even better. Imagination Stage knows what appeals to the youngest theater-goers in Blue, the latest show in their popular My First Imagination Stage series. By allowing children to sit on a circular cloth that doubles as a stage, children are able to be a part of the show rather than spectators.

Blue takes place in a world full of blue in all shades, from nearly-white pastel blue to deep navy blue.  Inky Blue and Pale Blue, dressed in all blue, delight in their all-blue world and play games like peek-a-blue.  Everything is going well, until Pale Blue decides he is tired of his mono-chromatic life. Pale is delighted when one day a red flower sprouts and he works hard to overcome Inky’s resistance to accept not just red, but later pink, yellow, orange, and green into their lives.

Eventually Pale convinces Inky that he can still love blue while accepting all of the colors of the rainbow into their world.  Each new color is assigned a personality (for example, green is groovy) and a “theme” song corresponding to its traits. Once Inky realizes that he doesn’t need to fear new and different things, their world opens up to become colorful, cheerful and fun.

The children in the audience were delighted throughout the show.  My son had so much fun seeing Blue, that I sometimes found myself watching his reactions rather than the actors.  The actors are skilled at drawing children into the play and they were all just as surprised as the characters when the first red flower sprouted and just as disappointed as Pale when Inky tries to ban colors other than blue altogether.  Blue is also engaging for grown-ups. I had seen Blue a few years ago with my older children and I found that I liked it even more the second time.

Blue is a great way to introduce even very young children to the magic of live theater!

If you go

  • Blue is playing at Imagination Stage through October 28th.
  • Tickets are $12 in advance, $14 at the door
  • Blue is recommended for ages 1-5
  • There is plenty of metered parking available on the street and nearby garage, less than a block away.  Garage parking is FREE on weekends.
  • Closest metro is the Bethesda station on the red line.

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