Boogie Babes

Shows designed to get your babies and toddlers up and dancing? Great idea. Two moms who know how to make it happen? Great execution.

Boogie Babes holds at least three shows weekly with some of the area’s top musical performers (like Mr. Skip, John Henry, Bridgette & Dawn, The Singing Lizard and others). Crowd favorites often return for repeated shows and new acts are always being added to the line-up. Shows are designed with kids and caregivers in mind and are always held in informal locations with plenty of room for kids (and grown-ups) to move around and dance. Floor seating and dancing with your child is encouraged, but chairs are available around the perimeter of the room for caregivers and children who would like to use them.

At one of the shows I attended some children arrived prepared to help the band with their own maracas and play guitars (set to silent mode). My two-year-old was either bouncing or tapping her foot throughout the entire high-energy performance. Other children wandered around the room at times completely absorbed by the music and at other times seeking out their caregiver, only to walk closer to the band a few minutes later. There were plenty of sibling pairs at the show and Boogie Babes is a good choice for families with children of different ages. Boogie Babes shows are a great introduction to live performances for young children because they are not expected to sit still for even a moment and the bands are carefully selected to appeal just to them.

All shows are a very affordable $5.00 for children six months and older. Caregivers are admitted free of charge. Boogie Babes shows are held every Wednesday at Union Market, every Thursday at Eastern Market and every Friday at Atlas, all on Capitol Hill.  All shows begin at 10:30am and last 45 minutes. There are occasional weekend shows as well. The complete schedule including performers can be found on the Boogie Babes website. Snacks and drinks (both caffeinated and kid-friendly) are permitted during shows to keep kids and caregivers happy. Plenty of street parking is available around both locations. Eastern Market shows are also accessible via the Eastern Market metro. Ample stroller parking is available all Boogie Babes shows.

Performances at Atlas tend to be less crowded than performances held at Eastern Market. If your child is very young or does not like crowds, Atlas may be a good choice for your first Boogie Babes show. Shows at Eastern Market tend to have a more energetic atmosphere. Union Market shows begin a half-hour before most of the stalls in the Market open allowing children plenty of room to move around.  One vendor selling coffee and pastries opens before the show at Union Market begins and all vendors are open by the time show ends offering many dining options.

Boogie Babes is a great option for children just old enough to enjoy live performances and for any child who loves music. With two shows weekly, Boogie Babes should be on your go-to list for those days when you wake up and aren’t sure how to keep your kids busy. You may find it soon earns a spot on your list of regular activities.

Get out and boogie!

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