We were thrilled to try out the brand new BusyBees in Falls Church!  Located next to Target on Arlington Blvd, BusyBees is close to Arlington, Alexandria and 495.  Busybees is a new concept that is much more than what an indoor mall playground or Chuck E Cheese’s can provide.

BusyBees Indoor Play AreaBusyBees is a modern, clean and fresh approach to indoor play for children.  

Inspired by a mom who has 2 children of her own, the facility is very sleek.  The concept is from a Japanese manufacturer.  Her energy and enthusiasm is evident in all the details from check-in to departure.  When I walked into BusyBees, I was greeted by a group of energetic employees with bright aprons.  I was asked to sign waivers that were located on Ipads that were attached to the wall.  (Tip: we recommend you fill our your waiver online before you arrive to save time.)  After signing the waivers, you pay at the counter and then go through a gate to enter a small area for parents to relax, children to take off shoes, and a wifi bar area with plugs and high seating that overlooks the play structures.

The entire area is white with lime green, turquoise and other bright accents.  The play structures are covered with foam and a soft material.  Some of the structures are inflatable, so there is a soft humming from the pump in the background.  There is a structure that is similar to the flying swings at the fair.  Children can sit on a BusyBees Indoor Play Areaball that hangs from above and swing around.  There is a rotating wheel similar to a gerbil wheel that goes very slowly and children can try to sit in it without being flipped.  There is a large slide area to climb on and also an area with a lot of colorful balloons floating with blowing air.  There is a soft see saw and also a lot of large cubes and smaller areas for younger babies.

On the day of our visit, the employees were very nice with children.  There is a floating employee that walks around checking on the children and enforcing any rules (socks on, older children not allowed, etc).  Every 3 hours, there is a “rest period” and the employees spend 15 minutes wiping down the interior of the playground with organic wipes and products.  There are cubbies to store shoes and fun hooks for jackets.

The play area space is designed for the 5 and under set with a maximum height of 48 inches.  Don’t bring older children because they are very strict about keeping them outside the play area.  This can be very hard if you have a mixed age group of children.  One note – their outlets are uncovered.  Why? BusyBees has installed specific outlets that are safe for kids.

Admission is $15/child and siblings are $12.  Parents are always free.  BONUS:  The price is not hourly, it’s all day long. You can play in the morning, head out for lunch and return afterwards to continue playtime.  Alternatively, Buzzy passes can be purchased for $60 which brings the entrance fee down to $12/person.  This pass acts as a prepaid card and you can use it until the balance is $0.  The pass is an all-day pass where you can come and go as you please.  Socks can be purchased on site for $2 but everyone (including adults) needs socks so don’t forget.

Goldfish, Honest Juice Boxes and other small treats are available for purchase at $2/piece.  These can be eaten in the WiFi bar area.  There was also a really fun party room where lunches can be eaten.  BusyBees offers several birthday party packages and you can find those options here.

Combine a day of shopping at Target, going to Chick-fil-A (next door!) for lunch and BusyBees play time.  This playarea is a great addition to the Seven Corners neighborhood.  Keep up to date on the happenings of BusyBees on Facebook.  The owner hopes to be debuting drop-off play in the near future.

Head to BusyBees for a funtastic, exciting indoor play adventure for you and your little ones!

BusyBees Indoor Play Area  BusyBees Indoor Play Area

Photos by Andrea Verwys.

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