Catching a Ball Game at Nationals Stadium

Baseball season is well underway and with that comes beautiful spring temperatures and sunny days.  We decided to head to Nationals Stadium, located in Southeast DC, to see what this ballpark has to offer local and visiting patrons.  With the ability to seat over 41,000 spectators, Nationals park was designed with the District in mind.  Each seating deck and concourse is a tribute to all things DC.  As you walk around the stadium you will see views of the Navy Yard, riverfront, the Washington Monument and the Capitol.  The stadium is aesthetically pleasing, clean and easy to navigate.


Ticket prices can be a bit on the high end, but do start at $13.  If you want to sit in the 100’s section, you will pay at least $45 a ticket.  Seats in the 300’s and 400’s are more affordable and run around $30 or less.  If you are bringing young ones to the game, and plan on sitting in foul ball territory, be vigilant and bring that glove!  The seating at the stadium offers great views from all tiers.

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Getting There

There are a variety of ways to get to Nationals Park.  If you hop on the metro, you will want to take the Green Line to the Navy Yard station or the Orange, Blue or Silver Line to the Capitol South station.  Metrobus and DC Circulator are also transportation choices.  

Driving is also an option as there are several parking garages/lots nearby that are within an easy walk to the stadium.  We drove on this particular outing and parked in lot K.  It was only about a 5 minute walk to the entrance of the stadium.  Purchase your parking ticket online and you will be guaranteed a spot upon your arrival.  It saved us the hassle of driving around, finding a spot and having payment upon entering the lot.  We highly recommend planning ahead for parking!  Our parking spot cost us $47 so if you are looking to save money, metro, walking or biking would be a better way to go.

In the Park

Nationals Park with KidsWhen you enter the gates, you will be required to remove anything that could sound off the metal detectors.  Cell phones and keys will be placed in a small container that you will get back after walking through the detector.  Anyone with a purse or small bag should expect to have a brief bag search before entering the stadium.  Walk a bit further, and scan your own ticket.  You’re in and ready to have a fantastic day at the ball park!

Bring your appetite.  Nationals Stadium offers hundreds of food options on each level.  There was everything from your traditional grilled hot dog and burger options to tacos, subs, sushi, pizza and salads.  Drink choices are a plenty to include: lemonade, water, soda, premium and domestic brews and more.  Dessert choices are not lacking.  Ice cream, cotton candy, shave ice, kettle corn were among some of the many offerings around the park.  

While we were there we purchased four hot dogs ($6.50 each), two waters ($4.75 each), 1 bag of peanuts ($5.00), cotton candy ($3.75), lemonade ($5.00) and gelato ($6.25).  There were four of us which means we spent a total of $55.50 just on food. It was nice to see that you could bring in your own food, especially for patrons who have dietary needs.  This option will Washington Nationals with Kidssave you a bunch of money, too.  If you are planning on bringing in your own food, there are certain rules you will have to follow.  Food items must be contained in single serving bags within a cooler that does not exceed 16”x16”x8”. One water bottle per person, no larger than 1 liter, may be brought in as well. Alcohol must be purchased within the stadium.  We enjoyed our food at our stadium seats but the park does offer picnic table areas if you want to spread out a bit.

If you have children between the ages of 3 and 8, you may want to check out the free playground area as an option to get their wiggles out.  We were there on a Sunday so the park was a buzz with children, making for a long line into the playground.  There are many tables in that area along with a small snack shop catered towards children.  The prices are cheaper than the main concourse dining options.  The rookie hot dog will run you ($2.50), an uncrustable ($3), popcorn ($2), cookie ($2.50), water ($4.25), milk ($1.50), juice ($2), soda ($5).  

Bathrooms are located all over the stadium.  You will even find family bathrooms which will usually have a wait.  We used the restrooms twice during our stay and never once waited in line for the regular restroom.

The Game

Nationals Park with KidsWe sat in the 100’s section on the 1st base side.  The ushers were pleasant and helpful.  When we got to our seats, we were engaged right away with the throw in pitch.  Our view from that area was fantastic and a definite foul ball territory.  Right around the middle of the fourth inning, the President’s Race begins.  Larger than life characters, Washington, Taft, Jefferson and Lincoln race from the outfield to first base.  Their heads are enormous and the race is pure entertainment!  

Nationals Park also offers free score keeping programs to all ticket holders.  They give them out as you walk through the gates.  It’s a great opportunity to keep score and engage your children.  The sound effects, songs and stadium cheering also make the game exciting and interactive.

Something to keep in mind when planning your outing are the coveted promotions that often accompany games throughout the season.  You can find a promotions schedule here.  If you have kids, be sure to head to the stadium on Sundays.  Every Sunday during the regular season, its Kids Run the Bases.  This program is for ages 4 to 12 and allows kids to run the bases after the game ends.  The full game schedule can be found online.

Bottom Line

Nationals Park is a beautiful and accommodating venue to watch America’s favorite pastime.  Easily accessible, kid-friendly and energizing, this park has a little bit of something for everyone who wants to enjoy a baseball game.  While the cost of tickets and concessions are a bit on the steep side, Our Kids recommends an outing to see the Washington Nationals play ball.

Photos by Marcy Fisher.

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