19 Cities Near Grand Canyon National Park (& Which is Best For You)

There are numerous towns and cities in the Grand Canyon National Park Area. When you’re heading here to one of the most amazing natural wonders of the world and especially of the United States, you’ll likely be looking in Arizona to stay close but you’ll also find some cities in southern Utah.

Where you’ll stay will also depend on if you plan on visiting the Grand Canyon’s south rim or the north rim of the Grand Canyon.

Here you’ll look at all of the cities near Grand Canyon National Park so you can decide what is best to stay for you.

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What is the closest city to the Grand Canyon? 

The closest city to Grand Canyon National Park is Tusayan. It’s only 15 miles south of the Southern Rim. 

Tusayan is a small town but it does have a general store if you need to pick-up some groceries or other supplies when you’re heading to or out of the park.

The general store is open year-round and does have lots of Grand Canyon National Park themed souvenirs. 

You’ll also find Tusayan is a great place to find tours in and near the Grand Canyon.

What is the largest city near the Grand Canyon? 

The largest city near the Grand Canyon is Flagstaff, AZ. It’s about 90-miles south of the south rim of the Grand Canyon.

This closest major city is one of the best places to stay outside of the park with all the major restaurants, shopping and other experiences you want.

Make sure to check out the Lowell Observatory while you’re there. 

Lowell Observatory near the Grand Canyon
Image Source: Lowell Observatory website

There are also 3 National Monuments nearby: Sunset Crater National Monument, Wupatki National Monument and Walnut Canyon National Monument. 

Flagstaff is the perfect place to stay if you’d like to have more available to you and take a day trip to The Grand Canyon.

Many people like to explore the Coconino National Forest, a large nature reserve that is well known for its red rocks, that is nearby.

Downtown Flagstaff is 45 minutes North of the popular Sedona, AZ. 

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What is the Closest Major Airport to Grand Canyon National Park?

If you’re looking for the closest airports to Grand Canyon National Park, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) is going to be your best option. It takes about 3 1/2 hours from Phoenix to get to the Grand Canyon depending on traffic but it only takes 2 1/2 hours to get to Flagstaff from the airport.

Other Cities Near Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon Village

Grand Canyon Village is near the south rim of the park, close to Tusayan. This is where you will find many hotels and lodging options (see more below), a market, and the visitor center.

Williams, AZ

Williams, AZ is 30 minutes west of Flagstaff, making it about an hour from the Grand Canyon. They prefer to stay in Flagstaff with more conveniences and natural beauty, and make a day trip to Williams. 

When you’re there, make sure to visit the Grand Canyon Deer Farm. 

Hualapai River near Grand Canyon
Image Source: Visit Arizona website

Peach Springs

Mohave County in Arizona’s Peach Springs is a census-designated place.

Peach Springs, on historic Route 66, is a must-see destination with a setting that served as inspiration for the town of Radiator Springs in the Pixar film Cars and attractions like cave exploring, whitewater rafting, and the grand canyon skywalk.

Sleeping with a spell? At Grand Canyon Caverns in Peach Spring, you can.

Tuba City

Tuba City is 1 hour and 15 minutes from the Grand Canyon’s south rim.

Tuba City is a small Navajo town but it is worth stopping at. Their museum, called the Explore Navajo Interactive Museum, is worth visiting and you can also stop off to see the ancient dinosaur tracks that you can walk around and even touch.

Simply tip one of the Navajo people on site and they will give you a tour around. 

Tuba City
Image Source: Expedia website


Cameron Many tourists pass through Arizona, a small town on the Navajo Nation, en route to Grand Canyon National Park.

Grand Canyon Village, Flagstaff, Arizona, and the East and North Rims of the Grand Canyon National Park can all be reached from Cameron. 

The Cameron Trading Post, which has a motel, restaurant, and a sizable gift shop with everything from traditional southwest trinkets to incredible works of art created by Navajo and other Native American artists from the Colorado Plateau region, is the most well-liked stopping point in Cameron.

Sedona, AZ

Sedona is a very popular place to visit or stay at due to the beauty of it’s red rocks. Sedona is 2 1/2 hours from the Grand Canyon South Rim.

On your way up north, you’ll find Oak Creek Canyon located in between Flagstaff and Sedona. Due to it’s beauty, many people say this is the Grand Canyon’s smaller cousin so it can be worth a stop.

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Prescott, AZ

Central Arizona contains the city of Prescott. Whiskey Row in the city’s center is renowned for its bars and live music venues.

Prescott has activities and sights to see for everyone, whether you enjoy hiking through expansive stands of ponderosa pines or value historical sites. It is a desirable location all year round due to mild seasons.

For a bed and breakfast getaway or historical home tour, Prescott is the ideal location.

Page, AZ

Page is only 2 hours from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Many people like to stay here due to the additional outdoor activities and sights offered here.

Marble Canyon is close to Page Arizona and has lots of beautifully colored rocks and cliff walls and the Colorado River runs through the canyon. Horseshoe Bend is also another place you will want to stop at near Page.

Fredonia, AZ

A town in Arizona’s Coconino County is called Fredonia.

Arizona’s desert rose, Fredonia, serves as the entrance to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. With easy access to State Parks, National Parks, National Monuments, and other scenic wonders, this town is conveniently situated.

Image Source: Fredonia website

Las Vegas, NV

Maybe people think Las Vegas is close to the Grand Canyon, however, it is about a 4-hour drive.

Hoover Dam

If you’re coming from, or passing through South Utah, there are also some cities you can base yourself from or stop at along the way. They’ll look at those here. Did you know Zion National Park is only 2 hours from the North Rim?

Salt Lake City, UT

The capital and largest city of Utah, Salt Lake City also serves as the administrative center for Salt Lake County, which is the state’s most populous county.

a cutting-edge city situated at the base of magnificent mountains. a location where fresh ideas and open minds are welcome.

With health protocols in place, the eateries, businesses, and attractions in and around Salt Lake are opening gradually and cautiously. social estrangement? With their gorgeous outdoors just a few minutes from downtown, it makes sense here. Therefore, they invite you to plan your trip with them when you’re ready to go back out and find the kind of place that feels anything but ordinary. You’ll discover that Salt Lake is the place where you truly belong.

St. George, UT

The city of St. George is located in western Utah. Snow Canyon State Park, a nearby park, has trails, dunes, and cliffs made of red sandstone.

A sizable reservoir can be found in Sand Hollow State Park.

The St. George area has gained popularity in recent years for its year-round outdoor recreation opportunities and close proximity to a number of state parks, Zion National Park, and The Grand Canyon.

The NCAA Division I school Utah Tech University is situated in St. George.

Kanab, UT

The county seat and largest city in Kane County, Utah, is Kanab. The Kanab region is a well-liked travel destination because of its natural beauty and consistently pleasant weather. 

Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument, Lake Powell National Recreation Area, and Zion, Bryce, and Grand Canyon National Parks are all frequently visited from Kanab (National Recreational Area).

Image Source: Kanab website

Lake Powell

In Utah and Arizona, the United States, there is a man-made reservoir on the Colorado River called Lake Powell.

John Wesley Powell, a veteran of the American Civil War, was given the name Lake Powell in recognition of his leadership of an expedition in 1869 that paddled wooden boats through the Grand Canyon. The most well-known location on Lake Powell is Rainbow Bridge National Monument, the largest natural bridge in existence.

Capitol Reef

Take the Historic Route Driving to the Grand Canyon

If you want to drive along the historic Route 66, your journey to the Grand Canyon can definitely include there. There are different options depending on where you are coming from but let’s use the route from Las Vegas to The Grand Canyon National Park. 

What are The Best Souvenirs and Gift Shops Near the Grand Canyon?

If you’re looking for gift shops near the Grand Canyon, there are plenty of options

The Grand Canyon Conservatory Park Store is the park’s biggest gift shop. You’l find it right across from the Visitor Center in the southern rim. The Yavapai Geology Museum also has a gift shop. And if you’re staying at, or happen to be near, Yavapai Lodge, they also have a gift shop inside with books, postcards and southwest-themed items.

Outside of Grand Canyon National Park in Tusayan, the best gift shop for souvenirs is in the General Store.

You can find a full list of gift shops for the south rim including Grand Canyon Village, Hermit’s Rest and Desert view here.

Is Grand Canyon National Park Open in the Winter?

The South Rim of The Grand Canyon National Park is available year-round. The North Rim, however, is closed for the winter months from December 1st to May 15th.

Before heading out, it’s always a good idea to check to see if there have been any closures due to snow, other weather conditions or any work that is being done at the park.

Lodging Options Including Best Hotels, Campgrounds & RV Parks Near Grand Canyon

  • Grand Canyon Lodge
  • Thunderbird Lodge
  • Bright Angel Lodge (near the Bright Angel Trail?)
  • Grand Hotel
  • Maswik Lodge
  • El Tovar Hotel (located in Grand Canyon Village)
  • Mather Campground
  • Trailer Village RV Park

Within the park, you can find a full list of lodging in the South Rim, North Rim and Phantom Ranch here.

Phantom Ranch at Grand Canyon
Image Source: Grand Canyon Lodges website

Attractions Near Grand Canyon National Park

There are so many great things to do in and near Grand Canyon National Park. Here are some of the best things to do:

  • Visit the Museum of Northern Arizona
  • Take one of the helicopter tours over the Grand Canyon
  • Walk out on the Grand Canyon Skywalk
  • Stop at the North Rim Visitor Center
  • Go mountain biking 

Take a scenic drive through Northern Arizona like through Monument Valley. There are plenty to choose from!

  1.  Oatman

As you leave Las Vegas, take Route 95 south to Oatman (2 hrs 15 mins). This is the starting point of your Route 66 road trip.

The Oatman Highway is regarded as one of Route 66’s most picturesque sections.

The town is currently emerging from the ruins and is home to a hotel, eateries, gift shops, and more.

  1.  Kingman

The structure is home to the official Arizona tourism office in addition to being a museum.

Continue traveling north on Highway 66 for about 45 kilometers to Hackberry (40 minutes). The Mother Road is said to have its longest straight stretch here.

Simply cross the street to Mr. D’z, a vintage diner from Route 66’s heyday that serves traditional American cuisine and has a 1950s atmosphere.

  1. Hackberry

The Hackberry General Store is a genuine symbol of both Route 66 and American driving in general.

This scene was probably in your mind if you’ve ever considered taking a road trip in the United States.

Travel on to Peach Springs, which is 40 kilometers away (25 minutes).

  1. Peach Springs  

Peach Springs, which only has the Hualapai Tribe’s American Indian culture on display, is worth a quick stop.

The ideal place to stay the night in the area is Hualapai Lodge.

proceed 45 kilometers to Grand Canyon Caverns (30 minutes).

Grand Canyon Caverns
Image Source: Grand Canyon Caverns website
  1. Grand Canyon Caverns

The third-largest dry cavern system in the world, Grand Canyon Caverns is the largest in the United States. Stalagmites and stalactites cannot form in these unusual caverns because there isn’t any water present.

A genuine diner, a typical Route 66 gas station, and a gift shop are also present on the property.

Continue traveling 40 kilometers east to Seligman (25 minutes).

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  1. Seligman

Seligman, where it was revived in the 1980s, is referred to as the “Birthplace of Historic Route 66.” Additionally, it is a necessary stop on your journey to the Mother Road. The most important thing to do is get an ice cream cone at Delgadillo’s Snow Cap.

Continue 70 kilometers east to Williams (40 minutes).

  1. Williams

Don’t miss the vibrant, historic downtown with its history of a real small town.

Along the main street, there are numerous eateries and retail establishments. It is simple to walk through the interesting section because it is not very long. It should only take a short while.

From here, a beautifully preserved historic train will take you in style to the Grand Canyon. There are several Grand Canyon packages available from the Grand Canyon Railway that are sure to please both young and old.

Flagstaff, Arizona
Image Source: Discover Flagstaff website
  1. Flagstaff

Flagstaff, Arizona, is the highest location along Route 66 between Chicago and Los Angeles, at a height of 2,300 meters.

Visitors come here to stay the night when the nearby hotels are all booked up, which happens frequently.

Although Williams’ downtown is more charming, true Route 66 enthusiasts must visit downtown Flagstaff because of its historical significance.

On Route 180, turn north to reach the Grand Canyon. You’ll arrive there in about 90 minutes.

Head to Page, AZ after the park to see Horseshoe Bend

You can also visit the iconic slot canyons in Northern Arizona at Antelope Canyon. It takes 2 hours whether you leave from the southern or northern rim of the Grand Canyon.

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