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ComedySportz 4 Kidz is a fun, interactive show for kids and adults alike. Offered every Saturday at 3pm, ComedySportz 4 Kidz provides a different and creative way to have some good family fun.

On a recent Our Kids (OK) visit, everyone got to be part of the show. The hour and fifteen minute show is well planned but not scripted. Two Comedy Spot actors lead the audience in a variety of improv games. The audience shapes each show by answering questions, yelling out ideas and going up on stage. The Comedy Spot actors ask for volunteers to participate in every game and are careful to vary who gets called on to participate.

The OK interns, ages 5 and 7, found the entire show to be entertaining and engaging. While the theater seats up to 200, ComedySportz 4 Kidz shows average less than 20 people per show which makes the experience more of an interactive workshop than a performance you sit back and watch. Kids are asked to sit in the front row and both of the OK interns as well as their parent got to go up on stage to participate in multiple games.

One of the games the OK interns enjoyed was called, “Try that on for size”. The ComedySportz actors brought two volunteers up on stage and then asked the audience to shout out different team sports. Many ideas were voiced and the lead actor chose “playing hockey”. The actor then led the volunteers as they pretended they were holding a hockey stick and hitting a puck. As they continued to “play hockey” the two volunteers went back and forth announcing what they were doing instead of playing hockey. It went something like this:

Volunteer 1: “I’m playing hockey, try that on for size.”
Volunteer 2: “I’m sweeping the floor, try that on for size.”
Volunteer 1: “I’m playing golf, try that on for size.”
Volunteer 2: “I’m swatting a fly, try that on for size.”

As the game continued, the answers got sillier which garnered laughter from the audience.

The show consists of 5-7 very different games that all involve both crowd participation and on stage volunteers. The audience’s participation throughout the show encourages quick and creative thinking by all and yielded plenty of laughter. Even if you or your child don’ want to go on stage, you can’t help but think about what you would be doing if you were on stage. By the end of our show, all of the kids in attendance were so interested in being part of the show that they moved off their chairs to sit on the stair leading up to the stage.

Since the audience’s responses shape the show, ComedySportz 4 Kidz interests both older and younger school age kids and is more of an experience than a show. The actors set good guidelines at the beginning of the show prohibiting “potty talk” and other inappropriate behavior. The simple guidelines were clear and kept the show appropriate for a young audience.

Go with friends and a willingness to play along and you’ll have a great time. And even if you prefer to stay in your seat the whole time, everyone leaves having shared things to laugh about and knowing simple improv games you can play at home or with friends.


Admission is $10 per person and tickets are sold online at

The Comedy Spot only accepts Paypal for online payments. You will not receive a paper ticket and the tickets are non-refundable (although they can be transferred to another show if needed). Just bring your Paypal confirmation to the Comedy Spot and check in at the front desk. If you happen to forget your confirmation, don’t worry, just let them know the name under which the reservation was made.

You can also purchase tickets in person at the Comedy Spot before the performance. If you plan on purchasing tickets at the door, I recommend calling in advance to ensure the show is running at it’s scheduled time.


The Comedy Spot is located on the third floor of Ballston Common Mall near Regal Cinemas. You can park in the garage attached to the mall for $1 on weekends and take the elevator to level M3.

The Comedy Spot is also easy to reach via Metrorail. Just take the orange line to the Ballston-MU Station and walk two blocks to reach the Ballston Common Mall entrance.

Birthday Parties

The Comedy Spot is available for birthday parties. For the regular admission price of $10 per person plus an additional $100 fee, all of your guests enjoy the ComedySportz 4 Kidz show and then get to use the Comedy Spot stage to enjoy treats you bring from home, open presents, etc. The Comedy Spot also offers half-price admission for parents and siblings of invited birthday party guests. If you purchase at least 20 tickets you can even set up your own show date.

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