Cooking with Kids Classes at Wegmans

Like so many kids, my daughter loves to help out in the kitchen. So she was thrilled when I told her that we were going to attend a Cooking with Kids Class at Wegmans together.

Kids Cooking Class at WegmansThe theme of the class this month was healthy snacking. Before we started, each child suited up with an apron, hat, & gloves and we talked about the importance of keeping your hands clean while cooking. We also learned a little about each of the snacks we made and why chefs use mise en place (everything in its place) when cooking. We then got into the task of making our three different snacks.

First, we made caprese salad bites – the kids used toothpicks to make skewers of fresh mozzarella, basil, & grape tomatoes. After they put the ingredients on toothpicks, they drizzled or sprayed them with balsamic vinegar. Next up was fresh applesauce. Each child was given a cooked & cored apple that they peeled and smushed, then added a little cinnamon and sugar to finish it off. Finally, they made crostini with three different toppings – black bean dip, salsa, & bruschetta. All three snacks were easy enough for the kids to make themselves but were items we hadn’t made before. The first two snacks we were given plastic containers to take them home in; the crostini we ate in the class.

My daughter LOVED the class. She’s a bit of a foodie already and she was so proud of the snacks she made. Everything we made was also both healthy and easy enough for us to make again at home. I also was really impressed with the class. It was fun to create the snacks with my daughter, and I liked how well organized everything was. All of the mise en place had been done in advance and our instructor was fantastic and engaging with the kids. It was also very inexpensive for an hour class with all of the food and supplies provided. We’ll definitely be going back for another class!

Kids Cooking Class at Wegmans  Kids Cooking Class at Wegmans  Kids Cooking Class at Wegmans

Before you go

  • Most Wegmans stores in our area offer the Cooking with Kids classes. In Fairfax, they’re offered on Saturdays twice a month – check your local Wegmans for the schedule. The topics change each time – this class was healthy snacking – the next class is all about easy speedy breakfasts.
  • Click here for information on upcoming kids cooking classes.
  • The classes are very popular and fill up FAST. I’ve been trying to take my daughter to a class for well over a year but never had any luck getting a spot. Registration in Fairfax opens 2 weeks before the class. If there’s a class you’re particularly interested in, I recommend asking customer service for the exact day and time registration will open so you will get a spot.
  • The classes are recommended for kids ages 4 and up. We saw a few kids who were a bit younger than that who enjoyed the class as well – they just needed a little more help from their parents. My daughter is 6 and the class was just perfect for her. There were also several children who were a few years older than her there who also enjoyed themselves. It is a parent & child class – you are expected to stay with your child for the entire hour-long class.
  • Registration is $7 per child & parent with your Shoppers Club card ($10 without) and tickets must be purchased at the customer service desk.

Photos by Mara Surridge.

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