Cox Farms Fall Festival

Cox Farms is to Fall as Disney World is to princesses. The Disney World of Fall Festivals, Cox Farms has yet again exceeded our expectations. This has become a yearly outing for my family and every year I get a little bit anxious about the crowds that come along with going to such a popular area fall event. But the moment we turn into the large lot, all of that anxiety manages to melt away. The employees at Cox Farm are much like the princes and princesses you would find at Disneyland – warm, pleasant and so helpful. So began our journey into the magical kingdom of all things pumpkin.

Entering the Festival

The Festival is open daily from September 29th through October 31st from 10am to 6pm. Pumpkin Madness Days will take place November 3rd and 4th and Bonus Days on November 5th & 6th (10am to 5pm). We arrived promptly at 10am and the line moved quickly into the main parking lot. No issues there. If you are toting small children around, I would recommend a sturdy stroller with larger wheels to get you through the vast amount of space in the park. We attempted to bring our umbrella stroller but because the grounds are hilly, and interspersed with gravel paths our stronger stroller would have been a better choice. Luckily we were with some good friends who let us share their all terrain stroller. There are plenty of places to park your stroller while enjoying the slew of activities around the festival.

Tickets are available for pre-purchase and if you aren’t too keen on waiting in long entrance lines, I highly recommend purchasing your tickets online before you go. This will gain you quicker access to the park. If you do wait and get your tickets at the festival, be prepared to wait in a long line, especially on the weekends. Before you head into the main grounds, be sure to grab an identification sticker, fill it out and put it on your child(ren). Because there are so many people enjoying this festival, it’s just another great step in ensuring your child could be found if lost. So, you are all set with your green wristband and ready to have at the hayrides, slides and corn maze. But before you and your family get on your way, talk about a place to meet should you get separated. The Farm offers a big yellow chair that is a common meeting point for many families.

So Much to Do

One thing is for certain while spending time at this event, you will not hear your children say “I’m bored!” Whether you are 2 or 50, there is something for everyone. There are slides of all elevations, a corn maze, a hayride, animals galore and free apples and cider. Almost all of the activities are included in the price of admission. You will need some dough to purchase food items and if you are interested in feeding the goats at Billy Goat Village, be sure to bring along $1 for each cone of food.

While we are on the topic of Goat Village, I just want to highlight our specific experience. We were there with several children ages 5 months to 3 years. Home to over 50 goats, the goat area is lively and can be overwhelming to many children. If you do purchase a cone of food, it is wise to have an adult hold onto it. The goats are anxious and hungry. This means that they will most likely jump up to reach the cone of food. Imagine that experience at 3 feet. All of our children enjoyed this activity, it’s just important to note that the goats can be pushy and forget their manners. Adult supervision is highly recommended in this area of the park. We were all excited to see the baby goats and learn a little bit more about their world. For example, did you know that they do not have front teeth? Exiting the gated goat village be sure to hit up the hand sanitizer station.

Two hours into our stay we decided to head over to Cox’s Food Kitchen. Open daily from 10am to 5:30pm the Kitchen offers a variety of fare. Check out the menu before you go so you can have a better idea of what to expect. Cash or credit cards are accepted. Quick snacks are also available throughout the park. Some of the food items you will find include kettle corn, a variety of sweet treats, free apples and apple cider (delicious!), lemonade, and roasted almonds. We also brought in some of our own snacks and water bottles. Feel free to bring your own food and drinks in as picnics are permitted.

First Aid stations are all over the park should you or a family member need medical attention. There are many opportunities for hands-on learning and exploration as well. Take in a live demonstration of cow milking or read about how apple cider is created. Kiddie Zone is a great place for children under 5 to sow their roots. Picnic benches and pavilions are also located around the festival to give your tired feet a break or eat your food. If you need to change a diaper, rest assured that there is also a family changing station located next to the Kiddie Zone. Portable bathrooms with hand sanitizer are located throughout the park as well.

Exiting the park is icing on the cake. Each wristband-wearing guest is able to take one pumpkin home with them. Just when you think the fun has ended, you will step into the Market and be blown away by the selection of homemade eats and unique fall decor. Apple butter, canned vegetables, and apple cider just to name a few are all available for purchase. You could spend another hour walking around the market looking at all of the fun items available to take home should your wallet be so agreeable. You know you have had a successful family outing when your 3 year old exclaims after four hours at the festival, “This is the best day ever! I don’t want to leave yet. I’m not tired.” only to turn around and ask to be carried back to the car.

Picture opportunities abound at Cox Farms. Oranges and browns and all of the fall colors are everywhere. One of my favorite backdrops are as you exit the Market to your left. There are tons of pumpkins scattered around just waiting to be debuted in a family fall picture.

The Magical Kingdom of Cox Farms is just that. It’s magical. It makes adults feel like kids and kids feel like well…kids. I hope you and your crew can take a day (or two) this fall season to breathe in the fresh smell of kettle corn, listen to your kids squeal as they go down the barn slide and make some FALLtastic memories with your family.

Things to Note

  • Because this is such a large festival, it’s a good idea to be prepared before you go. Check out the festival map so you can plan out your visit. Also, Cox Farms offers a helpful visitor preparation checklist.
  • Join the member list and gain access to member offers and coupons. And while you are at it like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to be in the know.
  • Weekday Adult tickets are $9 at the gate; Children 2 and under are free. Weekend adults tickets are $14 at the gate; Children 2 and under are free. Visit the website to find out more information about prime weekend ticket rates.
  • Strollers are permitted.
  • The venue offers several music programs.

Photos by Marcy Fisher

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