Crofton Go-Kart Raceway

Ever dream of driving a race car? Then, Crofton Go-Kart Raceway is the place to go. In operation for 30 years, Crofton Go-Kart Raceway provides a downsized Formula 1 race car on 1/2 mile track with over 20 spine tingling turns. You must be at least 8 years old and 54 inches tall to drive by yourself (single kart).  Children as young as 2 can ride as passengers in a double kart with a driver at least 16 years old.

Crofton Go-Kart RacewayThree of my children, ages 3 through 7, took turns riding with my husband in a double kart. Each child returned with a huge smile on their faces and were ready to go again. My 9 year old son could not wait to drive his own kart. It took him one time around to get used to the track. Keep in mind that you are sharing the track with other drivers. If your child will be driving alone, you might want to advise them to let a faster car behind them pass. Driving the entire track took a couple of minutes. For riders who wish to go multiple times in a row, there was a special lane where you gave your next ticket and then proceed onto the track.

This was the third time we visited the track in December during the past four years. Each time, there were only a handful of visitors ranging from parents with children to small groups of friends. We never had a wait to board a kart. I suspect the place gets crowded in warmer weather.

We found Crofton Go-Kart Raceway to be well-run and friendly. Safety was stressed and rules and caution signs were prominently displayed throughout the facility. The cars were a little loud for the passengers and music was piped out into the outside waiting area.  During this visit, the music was not as loud as other times we have gone to Crofton Go-Kart Raceway.

Bottom Line
An addictive and fun-filled adventure for ages 2-80.

Good to Know

  • Crofton Go-Kart RacewayOpen to general public on Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Track rentals available on days not open to general public.
  • General weather rule is around 45 degrees and little to no precipitation. Call first or visit their Facebook page.
  • Ages 8 to 80 can drive but kids must be at least 8 years old and and 54 inches tall to drive themselves in single kart ($2.75 a ticket). Children as young as 2 can accompany a driver at least 16 years old in a double kart ($3.25 a ticket and includes passenger). Cash, MasterCard, Visa and Discover are accepted.
  • Discounts are available for 25 or more single kart tickets or 15 double kart tickets. Combo packages are available (10 S +10 D for $55 or 20 S + 20 D for $110). Special group rate discounts are available for birthday parties, boy scout, church groups, etc.
  • The entire facility is outdoors. Soda and water vending machines, bleachers and a covered patio area with 8 picnic tables area available for use.
  • There are two bathrooms.
  • Birthday parties are welcome. No deposit and no reservations are necessary (first come, first serve). Food and drink must be provided by the host. No cooking or alcoholic beverages are allowed. Parties are welcome to use the picnic tables and bleachers. For birthday parties, the charge is $2.50 per lap.
  • Track is available for rental. 1 hour track rental is $750 and includes exclusive and unlimited use of all 44 go-karts. Additional hours are $650 (time can be prorated). Reservation and deposit ARE required for exclusive track rental.

Photos courtesy of Teresa Flaim.

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