Crooked Run Orchard

Located approximately 32 miles past Tysons Corner Virginia, not too far from Leesburg, is beautiful, Crooked Run Orchard. Hidden behind trees on a busy main road, the working farm is family owned and operated. There is no admission or parking charge to enter the property, you pay only for what you pick!

Fall is the season for “Pick Your Own Apples” which are currently grown in abundance on trees planted throughout the property. Other produce is available to pick year round; consult the picking calendar for current availability. This is a no frills farm which focuses on the growing and production of fresh produce. The owners interact with the public and patiently explain how to navigate the orchards and follow the hand made signs to the picking fields. “Grab some buckets and head over that way, they point.” Plastic handled buckets are offered to help pickers tote the tasty fruit.

There are two main apple orchards: the first one entails about a five to eight minute walk over uneven terrain which carries you across a small creek. Closed toed walking shoes are a necessity to navigate the small hills and dirt paths. As you are walking, look down carefully at the ground with each step. We encountered several deep holes, animal burrows and rocky pathways covered with hay which can make walking treacherous if you’re not paying attention. Once you reach the rows of apple trees, continue to monitor the terrain as you meander around. This back orchard contained about 4 different varieties of apples which were easy to pick due to the low proximity of the branches to the ground. The trees were abundant with ripe fruit.

The front orchard contained a couple more types of apples; many of the trees had very low branches prime for picking by little tots. Varieties of apples change weekly and with the crowds. Over picking can occur during a weekend period and once the trees have little fruit; plastic ties are on the trees to notify visitors that they are not to be picked.

Generally, the farm does not sell pre-picked produce, although there were a few types of apples available for purchase at the weighing station. There are no beverages or food for sale and restrooms are in the form of two port-a-pottys on site.

Prices were extremely reasonable: $1 per pound of fruit picked from the trees, or $6 per bushel for fruit picked off the ground. The couple that owns the farm are extremely friendly and willing to answer questions, provide guidance and share their wealth of information with guests visiting the property. You can begin picking as early as 9:00 a.m. The property closes promptly at 6:00 p.m. daily.

Since many of the trees have low branches for picking, this orchard is recommended for ages three and up.

Our Kids Helpful Tips:

  1. Wear sturdy walking shoes.
  2. Carry a water bottle out into the orchards.
  3. Wear sunscreen and/or bug spray if it is a warm, sunny day.
  4. Arrive early (farm opens at 9:00 a.m.) to beat the crowds and get choice picking.

Photo by Marla B. Hughes

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