25+ DC, Maryland & Virginia Books for Kids

In trying to help my youngest work on her reading, I was looking for ways to make it more interesting and fun for her (especially she didn’t naturally want to read on her own).

A suggestion I read recommended picking up books on places she had been or places we planned to go. I started looking for places in the DC metro area and I was so surprised all the great books I found!

So of course, I had to share them here too! These books are also great for the summer reading programs.

There Are No Porcupines in Washington DC

Aiden is a 6-year-old who is searching for porcupines in Washington, DC. Kids get a wonderful tour of the top spots in Washington, DC while Aiden searchs for porcupines.

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Washington D.C. Monsters: A Search-and-Find Book

Just like people, Monsters also enjoy Washington DC and they can hide right in plain sight.

See if you can spot the monsters as you travel through Washington, DC. There’s a good mix of easy and more challenging monsters to spot. The bottom of each page will tell you how many monsters are hiding so you’ll know if you’ve found them all!

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Bones in the White House

This kid’s history book is actually really funny. It has detailed illustrations that make the book really fun. It’s really good for all those dinosaur loving kids to help them learn a bit about history too in a really fun way.

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Peel + Discover: Washington, DC

Peel + Discover is a really fun activity book with stickers, activity pages and lots of fun facts to learn about the area.

There are fun activities like guessing answers to questions and having to peel off the sticker to reveal the answer. Plus more surprises as you go.

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Chessie The Sea Monster that Ate Annapolis

Come along with Chessie the Sea Monster as she makes Annapolis an adventure!

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This is Washington DC

This is Washington DC is part of a great children’s travel series. It has fun illustrations throughout as it follows the super-tourist going around Washington DC and stopping at museums, monuments and memorials (and of course the Zoo!) along the way.

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Mission Washington DC

This book is a lot of fun for kids especially as they walk around Washington, DC. It has an agent theme which really engageds the kids in what’s around them while learning a lot in a fun way.

I highly recommend this awesome resource!

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The Kids’ Travel Guide to Washington DC

Whether you’ll be in Washington DC or not, this book is really fun! There is lots of great info on big attractions and it also shares fun activities, games and coloring pages.

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Hello, Virginia!

This board book is super cute for kids ages 2 to 5! Parent and child Cardinals explore the state of Virginia. Kids love the cute illustrations, rhymes, animals and bright colors.

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Good Night Virginia

Good Night Virginia is an educational board book that shows young kids lots of great places in Virginia. The kids in the book explore:

  • Jamestown
  • Mount Vernon
  • The Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Williamsburg
  • Monticello
  • Virginia Beach
  • Virginia Aquarium
  • Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail
  • Assateague Island
  • Caverns, lighthouses & more

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Larry Gets Lost in Washington DC

Larry is a cute little pup that is exploring Washington, DC as he searches for his owner Pete. He’s following the scent of a treat as he gives kids a tour. The kids love the rhymes in the book and how colorful and fun all the illustrations are!

This book will definitely get the little ones excited to see and learn about the city.

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Good Night Maryland

This book is highly rate from kids and parens. It’s a great board book for the younger ones. Follow along this cute story while exploring great places in Maryland including:

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Birds of Virginia Coloring Book for Kids, Teens & Adults

This interesting coloring book is great for kids over 8. The details are wonderful and the pages are thick enough to use with markers or gel pens.

There’s also a nice variety of birds found in Virginia from some of the more common ones to the more unique birds.

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Virginia is for Adventurers

Virginia is for Adventurers is a really fun scavenger hunt book. The main character, Meg, takes her friends on a 10-day scavenger hunt across Virginia. Each day they go on new adventures like:

There are clues sprinkled throughout so it keeps kids really engaged!

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Celebrating Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Mr. Geo, the fun geography teacher, takes kids through the first Colony (Virginia).

While traveling around the state, he stops to see dolphins, wild ponies, historic sites, Washington, DC and more.

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Night-Night Maryland

It’s night time and young kids stop by some of the top spots in Maryland to say goodnight like:

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Virginia: What’s So Great About This State?

This book is great for kids ages 7 to 11 that has lots of great colorful information about landmarks and geography in Virginia. The fun facts are really interesting and engaging for kids.

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Maryland Baby

Maryland Baby is for our littliest ones – ages 0 to 4. It shows them local landmarks, food and attractions throughout the state in a nicely illustrated board book.

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My United States: Maryland

This book is perfect for kids in grades 3 to 5. It shows them relevant local history, geography and wildlife throughout the state.

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Mr. Boddington’s Studio: Washington DC ABC’s

This cute board book teachs young kids the letters of the alphabet using fun people, places and things in Washington, DC. You’ll explore placs like:

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Chadwick the Crab

Chadwick is a Chesapeake Bay blue crab who loves all of his wild friends like the oyster, egret, Canadian goose, sea gull and others. Chadwick decides he wants to a be a star at the Baltimore Aquarium and the story shows how to follows his dream.

Very cute!

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The Spooky Express Maryland

As you may have guessed by the title, this spooky books travels through Maryland on Halloween night. As you travel, you’ll come across witches, ghsts, spiders and more as you try to save the night!

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The Littlest Bunny in Maryland

This little bunny has a big secret (he’s the Easter Bunny!). Kids join him as he hides eggs all around Maryland, with the final stop being your house!

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Good Night Washington DC

This is such a cute book for the little ones! It’s fun for them to see places they’ve been or will be going. Travel along Washington DC as the kids say good night to the fun different DC locations.

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Where is The White House

This education book is great for kids in grades 3 to 7. It tells them about the White House and the lives of the Presidents and their families who have lived their.

This is part of a book series that overall makes learning more about history fun.

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Awesome Chesapeake – A Kid’s Guide to the Bay

This book is already on it’s second addition. If the kids love all things Chesapeake, this is a great book to get! They’ll use their imagination and you’ll be surprised just how much they learn about the Chesapeake in this interesting and educational book.

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