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Last year, my girls took two sessions of gymnastics at Dynamite and loved it. They liked the equipment and supportive, encouraging coaches. I liked the clean facility, comfortable viewing area, and helpful report cards at the end of each session. Most of all, I loved the convenient location and stress free parking. This year, they decided to pursue other interests but my younger one at least regrets that she picked ballet class over gymnastics. Both girls looked forward to revisiting the facility. I was happy to get them exercising on a cold winter’s Saturday evening.

This family-owned gymnastics facility is less than a year and a half old. It is still sparkly clean and well maintained. I spotted at least three Purell machines. While other nearby gyms have dirty floors and mats with ripped seams, Dynamite is as pristine as a gymnastics facility can be.

Open Gyms are held two to three times a day on weekdays. In addition, there are 6 to 7:30 p.m. sessions on Fridays and 5 to 6:30 p.m. sessions on Saturdays. See the website, as the schedule does change. Weekdays attract the preschool crowd. Evenings attract all ages. The Saturday evening that we were there, kids ranged from toddlers still in diapers to a few adept teenagers. Most of the kids appeared to be around 6 or 7 but my 10 year-old was quite comfortable. The gym was busy but lines never exceeded four kids.

When you first come in, you sign a waiver form and pay the fee. Outer clothes, socks, and shoes can be placed in the white cubbies outside and inside the gym. According to the website, you are supposed to wipe your feet with baby wipes before entering the gym.

Once inside the gym, children younger than 10 must be supervised at all times by a parent or other adult. Parents do not have to pay unless they wish to use the equipment themselves. There is always a staff person at the Kiddiepillar, trampolines, and tumble track, plus one or two floaters.

The Kiddiepillar will be at Dynamite every Tuesday in February and selected other days; check the website for times. It is a tunnel-like moonbounce with a slide inside and a big draw for youngsters. Only five kids can be in it at a time. Younger kids will also enjoy the rope swing, foam pit, low rings, low parallel bars, and low balance beams. Older kids will enjoy the full-size equipment. All ages like the tumble track and trampolines. Unlike Silver Stars, for example, which has one kiddie room and one more adult room, Dynamite has one spacious, colorful room with equipment for different ages mixed together. This was a little problematic as my 10 year-old scared me on the high balance beam.

The viewing windows give adults a clear view of most of the facility. There is a television set, chairs, and barstools with round tables. The gym has free wi-fi. I have never successfully gotten to read a book there because the other parents are always too friendly. There is an inviting couch and bookshelf filled with kids books for entertaining little ones. There is also an abacus. If you want to see the two trampolines and foam pit at the far stage right side of the room, you must go to a darker viewing area which has picnic tables. This area also is generally quieter.

After our visit, my six year-old decided that she wants to sign up for gymnastics next year. My older one may too. Both of them wanted to go to Open Gym again and were warmly welcomed and remembered by the friendly staff and their former teacher. Dynamite Open Gym is a great way to work off all that excess energy especially during the winter.


  • Daytime Open Gym (before 4pm): $6 per child (under 18); $10 per adult.
  • Evening Open Gym (after 4pm): $10 per child (under 18); $15 per adult.
  • Adults don’t have to pay unless they are using the equipment.
  • Open gym passes are also available. $50 for 12 daytime 50-minute open gym sessions (before 4pm) or $100 for 12 evening 90-minute open gym sessions (after 4pm).


In addition to Open Gym, Dynamite has gymnastics classes for all ages and levels, birthday parties, and now offers aerial classes.

Additional Information

  • The ladies restroom has a changing table. Each restroom has two showers and lockers.
  • Parking is ample.
  • There are two water fountains outside the gym and two inside the gym. The Fresh Healthy vending machine has chocolate milk, water, juices, some interesting sodas, Pirate’s Booty,and other natural snacks for $1.50 to $2. The Pepsi machine has soft drinks for $1.25. There’s a small shop where you can by leotards and Rody horses.
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