Your Event Submission has Been Received!

Thank you for submitting your event to Our Kids! One of our team members will review your submission and post it to the website if it is a match for our audience.

While we work to publish events as quickly as possible, depending on the number of events we have it can take up to 72-hours from time of event submission.

Please note: if the submitted event is outside of the DC metropolitan area, is irrelevant to families or deemed not a match for our audience, it will not be published. We do not guarantee all submitted events will be published. If you would like to guarantee your event is added to the calendar, as well as other places, please read below and contact us.

Event Promotion

If you’d like to maximize the number of families who see your event, we have additional options for you including:

  • Adding an image to your event for more views
  • Featuring your event
  • Featured inclusion in an upcoming newsletter
  • Adding your event across all pages on our website
  • Posting and / or pinning your event on social media

If you’d like to find out more, please contact us here or send us a text message at (703) 596-5844‬.