Mar 26 2022

Cherry Blossoms at Sunrise Photography Workshop

Enjoy premium golden hour light and exclusive access to Meadowlark Botanical Gardens before we are open to the public! This photography workshop’s topic is all things Cherry Blossoms. This includes landscapes, close-up/macro, and wildlife. Of course, you are free to *focus* on any subject you like! This program is open to photographers of all skill levels and equipment.

Shutter speed? Aperture? ISO? If these phrases sound like gibberish to you, you may want to stick around during the first part of the session, which will be spent as an optional workshop covering settings and techniques. However, you may begin exploring the grounds as soon as we enter.

Program will be postponed with inclement weather. $25, Ages 12+

Please contact or 703-268-6064 for any questions.

More Information:

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