May 28 2022

“In The Forest’ Kids Program

FREE, FUN EDUCATIONAL CHILDREN’S PROGRAM where kids (0-4) learn about the different animals in the forest

About this event

Every 4th Saturday of the month from 11:41 AM – 12:41 PM babies and todlers (0-4) learn to recognize different animals in the forest in Englihs and then hear their names in a second language.

Do you want your young child to grow up with and expanded capacity to learn foreign languages? As a bonus to this program, each quarter different parents will share the names of the animals in a second language in parallel with the main English program, a technique that has proven to help enreach the child’s ability to aquare new languages as they grow up.

PARENTING CONVERSATIONS: The last 15-20 minutes of every session, parents will participate in a moderated discussion on effective strategies for parenting toddlers, while the kid play.

Location: Meadow Hall Elementary School, 951 Twinbrook Pkwy, Rockville, MD

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