Family Day at Bobby McKey’s Dueling Piano Bar

Located in the National Harbor complex, Bobby McKey’s Dueling Piano Bar provides an entertaining spot for an adult night out. With the addition of the monthly Family Day to their schedule, you can now bring the kids to enjoy the sing along atmosphere.

My family attended the Family Day event held in February. When we arrived we were asked if we had reservations (no), but were able to get a table anyway. The restaurant was quite full with only one or two empty tables. There is a bar area but it is located back away from the action and all of the families were seated in front of the stage with the pianos. It is recommended to make a reservation for a Family Day table, especially if you plan to attend with a larger group.

On the day that we visited there was no admission charge for the show, but according to the management they plan to begin charging a minimal admission price per person for future Family Days. There is waitress service at each table and the menu includes items like hot dogs, pizza, spinach dip, and sandwiches. Prices range from $4 for the hot dog to $14 for a sixteen inch pizza. They have a full menu of “adult”drinks and kid-friendly drinks like lemonade or orange juice served in plastic lidded straw cups for $3.25.

The piano players kept the crowd entertained with kid friendly songs ranging from “Yellow Submarine”by the Beatles to “Old McDonald”. Kids (and adults) were able to bring up requests and the two singers tried their best to accommodate them all, including an “interesting”version of Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA!” The volume of the show is on the loud side so keep that in mind if you have children who are sensitive to noise. The highlight of the show for many of the little kids was when Kermit the Frog (puppet) came out and sang “Rainbow Connection”. There was also a confetti drop from the ceiling shortly before the entertainers took a break. A big hit for all ages!

Bobby McKeys offers several party packages for their nighttime shows but does not have any packages in place for the Family Days. There was a birthday party for a 6 year old girl on the day that we visited and the performers invited her and her party goers up on stage to sing “Happy Birthday”and allowed them to stay up and dance on stage for part of the performance. To host a party at a Family Day you need to reserve tables in advance and purchase the food on an a la carte basis.

Parking is located directly behind the piano bar in a parking structure (which accepts credit cards), or there is metered parking along the streets of National Harbor.

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