Foamtastic parties for kids to play in a mountain of Foam

Foam parties are the newest addition to the DC party scene.

When the pandemic hit more families were looking at ways to celebrate special events, or just keep their kids busy, outdoors. Jon Jensen from Magic & Moore has long been a popular magician in the greater DC/Baltimore area and he wanted to make sure kids could continue to be kids while staying safe. Realizing that nothing could be safer than soap and water, Jon came up with the idea of bringing foam parties to the DMV.

What is a Foam Party?

If you have never heard of a foam party before you are not alone! Basically, a foam party involves filling up a yard with foam. It sounds simple and it is! Jon developed a technique that fills up an average sized yard in minutes. Once foam has been deployed kids are let loose in foam that can get waist high. Jon keeps an eye on things to make sure the foam never gets too deep. Jon also comes prepared with a large waterproof speaker to keep the party going and special “Junior Lifeguard” shirt for the guest of honor. Best of all, there is no clean up since the foam naturally dissolves within a few minutes.

Foam parties are a rare type of party that can truly be enjoyed by all ages. Lore has it that foam parties started as part of the club scene in Ibiza so although they are fantastic for kids from their inception foam parties were intended for an older crowd. This means that parents, t(w)eens and younger kids can all have fun at foam parties either together or in separate parties. For t(w)eens on up it’s possible to have a nighttime party complete with glowsticks!

Magic & Moore

Although foam parties are new, Magic & Moore is a veteran of the DC kid party scene and know exactly how to make sure that kids have a great time. It’s impossible to go to a foam party and not want one of your own!

If you have gotten this far and still think that foam parties don’t sound like the best time ever be sure to check out Magic & Moore’s other offerings. These include magic (of course), bazillion bubbles, face painting, balloon décor and more! Parties can even be customized.

kid enjoying a typical foam party

Good To Know Information about Foam Parties:

  • Swimsuits and goggles are recommended but not required.
  • Parties last about 30 minutes
  • Foam parties can be held just about anywhere with access to electricity and a hose
  • If you would like to serve snacks make sure they are far enough away from where the foam will be that they won’t get wet!
  • Foam parties cost $300 with a $50 discount if held during the week. Special rates are available for daycares and schools.
  • Foam parties aren’t only for summer! They can be held throughout the fall and even into November and December. For cooler months ask guests to bring dry clothes to change into.
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