Frosty the Snow Man

Take a snow day and head on over to Adventure Theatre in Glen Echo Park!  Their latest production, Frosty the Snow Man, is sure to give you all the feels this winter season. This hilarious holiday production led by the talented Artistic Director, Michael J. Bobbitt, captures the magic of a single snow day as Frosty comes alive to sprinkle his happiness around the town.

Frosty the Snowman at Adventure Theatre

As the play begins, school boy Charley (Taylor Witt), eagerly listens to the radio to see if his school district will be closed due to snow.  Full of excitement when he hears the news that he has a snow day, Charley and his buddy, Joey (Hasani Allen), exchange an exuberant hand shake and begin to indulge in their day off.  The two friends create a giant snowman that magically comes to life when an old silk hat is placed upon the snowman’s head.  And wow, does that snowman come to life!  Frosty (Dallas Tolentino), makes a perfect real-life Frosty.  His presence on stage melted into the audience as he danced, twirled and flipped all over the snowy ice.

Frosty the Snowman

Snowballs fly and laughter echoes through the streets as Charley and Joey are joined by Geraldine (Julia Klavans) and Mary Ann (Jordan Lee).  The four friends do what all school kids do on a snow day – they sled, make snow angels, ice skate and exchange comedic banter.  Not everyone is happy in the town, though.  Mrs. Armbruster (Farrell Parker), is not a fan of the winter by any means.  She soon runs into Frosty, and is disgusted by his winter cheer.  Mrs. Armbruster convinces Officer Bump (Matthew Aldwin McGee), that Frosty must go.  Will Officer Bump find a way to capture Frosty or will Frosty and his neighborhood companions spread so much winter cheer that the entire town will embrace the spirit of the season?

This production moved along effortlessly with incredible dance moves, harmonic tunes and a cast full of contagious energy.  Frosty the Snow Man is the perfect mix of wintry magic, and a breath of fresh air during the busy holiday season.

Frosty the Snowman at Adventure Theatre

Frosty the Snow Man is at Adventure Theatre until December 31st.  Running time is 1 hour with no intermission.  Tickets are $19.50 each and can be purchased online or by calling 301-634-2270. Our Kids recommends this fantastic production to children ages 3 and up.

Photo credit: Photo 1 by Sarah Straub and Photos 2 and 3 by Michael Horan.

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