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We are big fans of go karting. We went for the first time in Orlando when the kids were six and it filled a gap in our Disney/Legoland adventure, entertaining three generations at a reasonable price.  It’s not something we’d sought out at home, until a Groupon led me to Go Kart Track in Bladensburg MD.

Go Kart TrackThe track here is short and simple – a seven lap race takes about 7 minutes.  The course is flat, with no overpasses.  Racers need to be eight years old and 54 inches. My crew consisting of four children, all met the criteria, although the staff did not check very closely.  Children over three can ride as passengers with a driver who’s over 16.  Unlike other tracks, there was no additional charge for a double cart, so the price was unchanged when one of my crew decided he’d rather have me drive.   After paying for tickets, everyone gets into their karts.  Staff checks that the five-point harness are snug, and provides backrest pads to support smaller kids, helping them reach the pedals.

Races begin with a simple countdown over the loud speaker.  Then pedal to the metal – time to race!  One of the employees stands on the side indicating remaining laps.  Similar to other go kart tracks, engines have a remote that allows the staff to slow the cars at the end of the final lap – no extra laps!

There’s a party room, and a single bathroom (no diaper changing facility).  My kids had fun watching others race, and there are bleachers on the side of the course with a roof for shelter.  One warning – go karting is a sport that’s sensitive to weather – for safety reasons, the track has to be dry,  In the warmth of spring, the track dries about 90 minutes after the rain stops.   If no one answers the phone, bet that they are closed; when the rain stops, they’ll answer the phone and estimate when the race course will open.

It’s not a cheap way to pass the time – the races go fast, and when you’re paying for multiple racers, so does your money.  That said, the kids were all smiles, and including the round-trip drive time (30-40 min each way from Arlington), and a stop for ice cream on the way home, it was a fun way to spend the afternoon!

Additional Information

  • 1 ticket equals 7 laps and the cost is $7.
  • 11 tickets or more scores you a small discount of just $6 per ticket.
  • The track is open year-round, weather permitting.
  • There is a birthday party room rental available.
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