Grand Canyon Deer Farm: Everything You Need to Know Before You Go

The Grand Canyon Deer Farm in Williams, AZ is a must stop if you’re visiting or near Flagstaff. This is such a fun, little farm where you can pet and feed lots of deer.

When was the last time you were surrounded by deer? If your answer is never, it’s time to change that!

This deer farm is really a great place for an age – child or adult. There are so many domesticated deer that are waiting for you to pet and feed them in this unique experience.

We recently visited and here we share everything you need to know for your visit.

What to Expect

Out front of the main building, are tall, gorgeous pine trees where you may want to have a snack before entering. There are a couple picturing taking spots before you go in.

Entering the building, there is a variety of merchandise available for sale. Towards the back is the ticket counter where you will purchase tickets and any cups of feed you want.

Once you have your tickets, you step through the side door and out into the farm. There is a path that leads you around the farm where you can stop along at various enclosures to view the animals. Some animals can be feed and pet while others cannot.

Before starting your way down the path, there is an open area where a lot of deer will likely be waiting to see if you have anything for them to eat.

When we visited there were deer of different sizes including a few baby deer. Some of the babies didn’t want to get close and another baby was willing to walk up and like our fingers.

Grand Canyon Deer Farm
Source: Grand Canyon Deer Farm

It’s definitely an experience you can’t have everyday especially considering these animals are particularly skittish in the wild.

Some of the deer will nibble on your shirt, pants or even shoelaces so make sure you don’t wear your best clothes! They weren’t aggressive but knew we had food. Even with 2 small children they were find feeding the deer.

When a lot came, we had them stand up on a bench inside so they would be higher than the deer and feel more comfortable.

The Other Animals

Of course you expect for there to be deer here, and there are plenty, but we were surprised at all the other types of animals we got to see like:

  • Lots of deer (of course!)
  • A reindeer
  • Miniature pony
  • Buffalo
  • Porcupine
  • Sika deer
  • Wallaby
  • Cavys
  • Coatimundi
  • Llamas
  • Camel
  • Peacock
  • Talking parrot
Animals at Grand Canyon Deer Farm

The animals were out an active when we were there. The porcupines were enjoying a good nap and we enjoyed watching how they laid stretched out with their feet extended backwards.

We enjoyed the parrot on the way out and stayed a bit to “talk” with him. There was a sign posted on the outside of his cage with a long list of words he could say. So we spent time going through the words to see what he was in the mood to talk about. Lots of fun!


The Grand Canyon Deer Farm has 2 programs available which you may want to consider. These programs come with an additional fee a part from admission to participate as you will be working directly with the zoo keeper or biologist

Zoo Keeper Program

This is a behind the scenes experience of what it’s like to be a zoo keeper. You get to follow along with and help the zoo keeper in feeding and taking care of the different animals at the farm.

This program is for ages 10+. This is a 2-hour program for only 1-2 people at a time so you get a very hands-on and personalized experience.

Interactive Program

This program focuses on getting up close and interacting with the wallabies and / or african crested porcupines.

You will get to interact with and learn about the animals for 15-minutes. You’ll also get a chance to feed them treats, get some photos taken and ask any questions you have.

deer farm williams

Grand Canyon Deer Farm Cost

As the Grand Canyon Deer Farm is privately owned and doesn’t receive any funds, the tickets go directly towards feeding and caring for all the animals at the farm.

Adults are $16, kids ages 3 to 13 are $9, seniors are $15 and children 2 and under are free. You can purchase feed for the animals separately at the ticket counter. Plan to do this as that’s a lot of the fun to be had here.

Tickets are purchased at the deer farm.

Tickets are good until close so you can stay the entire day. If you need to leave for a snack, lunch or something else, you can re-enter the park on the same day just by showing your receipt.

Hours & When to Go

The Grand Canyon Deer Farm has a summer and winter schedule. The farm is open daily from March 16th to October 15th from 9am to 6pm and 10am to 5pm October 16th through March 15th.

Especially as it snows in Williams, AZ, when there is inclement weather, the farm may close so check ahead in the case of bad weather.

deer farm williams az

Good to Know

  • No glass bottles or fountain drinks, no straws, balloons or other plastic allowed outdoors.
  • Outside food is not permitted inside the farm
  • Picnic tables are available out front under the pine trees if you’d like to have a picnic or bring your own food
  • There is a large gift shop you will enter and exit through and that is also where you will purchase tickets
  • Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty (and maybe even have a deer nibble on a bit!)
  • You can exit and re-enter the park on the same day as long as you save your receipt to show
  • The farm is wheelchair accessible

Getting There & Parking

Grand Canyon Deer Farm is located at 6769 E Deer Farm Rd Williams, AZ 86046-8419. They are about 25 minutes west of Flagstaff and 8 miles east of Williams.

There is plenty of free parking on site.

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