Hyper Kidz Ashburn: A Candy-Inspired Indoor Playground

Hyper Kidz Ashburn is a great option for lots of indoor fun and it’s a perfect name especially for some of the young ones that are a ball of energy!

It can be hard to find an indoor playground that is clean, smells good and is fun for a wide range of ages.

In fact, Hyper Kidz in Ashburn, VA actually smells like cotton candy!

The facility encourages not only safe playtime but also honing social etiquette through social interactions of our kids.

So if you’re looking for an Ashburn indoor playground when playing outdoors isn’t an option due to weather, needing to work or just wanting to do something different, Hyper Kidz is definitely a place to consider.

Hyper Kidz Ashburn Attractions

Hyper Kidz has many attractions for kids of all ages, from our babies all the way to teens. Covering 17,000 square feet, this vibrant colored, candy-inspired playground has different zones for different ages.

These are the zones you’ll see inside:

hyper kidz ashburn

Mini Zone

Ages: 0 to 2

Mini Zone is a designated soft play area for the little ones ages 0 to 2 years old where they can play in the facility with their parents.

This section is candy themed and full and extensively padded with no sharp corners or edges. All the equipment is also low to the ground so that babies and toddlers can explore the play area safely.

hyper kidz ashburn indoor playground
Source: Hyper Kidz Ashburn

Kid Zone

Ages: 2 to 7

Talk about interactive and sensory type of playtime! This is how I would describe the Kid Zone.

Other than the 2-story balloon house, this section also has moving features like:

  • Motorized and revolving rides and slides
  • Spinning palms
  • Ball pit
  • LED slides
  • A building block room
hyper kidz ashburn va
Source: Hyper Kidz Ashburn

This section is for 2 to 7 years of age and even though parents can’t be inside, this section is visually open and there is comfortable seating around so parents can still watch their kids.

Big Kid Zone

Ages: 3 to 13

This area is for ages 3 to 13 years of age and is the biggest of all the play areas.

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It has a 4 story play pavilion with:

  • Colorful tube and spiral slides
  • Ball blasters
  • Obstacles
  • Ramps
  • 20+ interactive play features
ashburn indoor playground
Source: Hyper Kidz Ashburn

Food & Drink

There is an eating area with seating and snacks are available for purchase.


Tickets cannot be purchased online but walk-ins are accepted 7-days per week. You can check their Facebook page for updates on capacity before you go.

Prices are based on age. During the week, the prices are lower. Wednesdays have the best deal with all tickets costing $8.99.

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays are $8.99 for infants 0 – 11 months without a sibling (otherwise free), ages 1 – 2 are $10.99 and ages 3 – 13 are $12.99.

Source: Hyper Kidz Ashburn

On Fridays to Sundays, infants are $13.99 without a sibling (otherwise they are free), ages 1 – 2 are $15.99 and ages 3 – 13 are $17.99.

Parents don’t have to pay and kids 0 – 12 are free when an older sibling pays. Do keep in mind a maximum of 2 free adults are allowed per family with each child admission. If additional adults come, the cost is $6.99 for each additional adult.

There are also monthly, season, annual and family passes available.

Hours & When to Go

Source: Hyper Kidz Ashburn

The best part of this indoor playground just may be that you get unlimited play when you visit!

If you’re looking for deals, go during the weekdays as the prices are lower.

If you’re looking for tons of kids, go on the weekends.

Hyper Kidz in Ashburn is open 7-days a week as follows:

Monday – Saturday: 9am to 8pm
Sunday: 11am to 7pm

Good to Know

  • You can purchase tickets in advance online here
  • Best for kids ages 0 to 13
  • There are padded floors throughout the facility
  • A nice mother’s room is available for nursing
  • Staff are regularly seen cleaning and sanitizing
  • Staff checks every child with Mom or Dad before leaving for added security
  • Bathrooms are very clean!
  • Multiple party rooms are available for kid birthday parties or other events
  • Hyper Kidz also has 2 other locations: Baltimore, MD and Columbia, MD

Getting There

Hyper Kidz Ashburn is located at: Beaumeade Cir Suite 311, Ashburn, VA 20147

Things to Do Nearby

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  2. Play a good family game of Badminton at Northern Virginia Badminton Club
  3. Visit the Heritage Farm Museum
  4. Go swimming at Claude Moore Recreation Center
  5. Get your game on at Michael & Son Sportsplex
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