Imagination Stage presents Blue

Imagination Stage takes the art of storytelling to a beautiful place with their latest performance, Blue.  Blues of every shade decorate the Christopher and Dana Reeve Studio and set the stage perfectly.  As you enter the theater for this production, you and your child will be guided to a seat on the floor; the perfect spot for your child to involve themselves mentally, emotionally and physically without hesitation.

Blue at Imagination StageAs always, Imagination Stage leads their young audience (ages 1 to 5) into a carefully constructed world of make believe.  As the story begins, two marvelous actors, Phil Reid and Jack Novak, make even the most non-verbal of interactions a pleasure to watch.  Their chemistry is well played and they go about their day planting blue flowers in their ‘all things blue’ environment.  As the story seamlessly moves along, a red flower enters the picture, which surely adds some excitement as well as a bit of hesitation.  The entire way through the play, children of all ages were engaged, using their senses and diving into their imaginations.  It really was a blue-tiful thing to witness.

Throughout the performance, audience members are invited to participate by shaking small blue flags, digging in the garden, creating with shapes or drawing with chalk.  Tactile and endearing, Blue is a budding participatory engagement that will have your child experiencing a whole new world.  I would highly recommend a trip to Imagination Stage to experience this multi-sensory journey with two outstanding actors.  You will not be disappointed.  If you are feeling blue, here’s your chance to add some color to your life!

Parking is free on Saturday and Sunday in the parking garage right next to the venue.  If you do go during the week be sure to bring some change as parking is metered.  The closest metro stop is the red line at Bethesda.  Take in a bite to eat after (or before) the show and you can also browse the toy store.  There are many unique items for sale. The bathrooms are tucked in the back of the building and offer several stalls as well as a baby-changing table.

Show Information

  • Blue at Imagination StageBlue is for ages 1-5 and runs to April 12, 2015.
  • Public performances are on Tuesdays to Fridays at 10:30 a.m. and 11:45 a.m.; Saturday and Sunday performances are at 10 a.m. and 11:15 a.m.
  • Strollers, food and drinks are not permitted inside of the theater.
  • Tickets: $12 and can be purchased via phone at 301-280-1660,online at or at the Imagination Stage box office.  You can also purchase a $5 lap seat ticket for children under 12 months.
  • Next up at Imagination Stage is: Sinbad: The Untold Tale which opens April 8, 2015 and is best for ages 5 and up.

Photo Credit:

  • Inky Blue prepares for yet another day of planting. (Phillip Reid)
  • After much hesitation, Pale Blue comes around to the idea of accepting every color of the rainbow. (Jack Novak, Phillip Reid)
  • Photos by Lauren Alexander.
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