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Attention Lords and Ladies! If you have a fan of knights, princesses, horses, or castles at home, a trip to Medieval Times is a worthy journey. Medieval Times recently launched their first new show in 34 years so even if you have been before it is worth another look.

If you have ever been to Arundel Mills Mall, you may have noticed a majestic castle dominating the parking lot. This is the home of Medieval Times, where visitors are transported back in time to enjoy the Queen’s feast. Upon entering the castle, each patron is welcomed as a member of the realm with a crown before being seated in the large arena as a Royal guest who has come to enjoy a meal and entertainment — and, this is essential, cheer for their favorite Knight. The arena is divided into six different sections, each assigned to a Knight of a different color. Throughout the show, spectators in each section cheer wildly for their favorite Knight.

From the first moments of the show’s opening there are special effects and a grand display of horsemanship. There is non-stop action for two hours with knights engaging in sports competition, a falcon that flies into the audience, and horses that gallop, bow, trot, and even dance. Knights play to the crowd and even throw flowers gifted to them by the Queen to some lucky Ladies in the audience. My daughter received one and was thrilled! The tournament ends when one of the Knights reveals that he does not believe a woman is fit to lead and challenges the Queen’s authority and the Queen chooses another Knight to defend her honor. After much jousting and some hand-to-hand combat with swords the Queen’s honor is defended and her rule is secure.

My children, ages 11, 8, and 4, all had a great time. Although I wasn’t sure we would find the show enjoyable for the entire two hours, both the children and adults in our party were glued to the action the entire time. Although there is a story being told throughout the show, the entertainment is really about the horses and Knights so it really doesn’t matter if you pay attention to the plot or not.

There are several VIP packages available that include a variety of options including cake, cheering banners, photos, VIP badges, and more. My family got the Royalty Package and had fun being able to sit in the front row and wave a cheering banner for our Knight. Although it is a little on the pricey side, Medieval Times does a great job of creating a show much like big arena production and nearly everyone gets wrapped in the show and cheering for their chosen Knight. Throughout the show, spectators are served a lot of food, including an appetizer, a main course, soft drinks, and dessert so you will not walk away hungry.

We recommend arriving at least 1/2 hour early to get situated, walk around and take photos in the castle, which boasts suits of armor, statutes, and a medieval stock and more. Medieval times is a must-do for any child who loves princesses, knights or history! It is truly an experience the whole family can enjoy.

Good to know:

  • Seats are arranged like those in a theater so that everyone faces the arena to get a good view of the action.
  • Meals are included in the price of admission.
  • There is a standard menu, but options are available for those with allergies or other dietary restrictions so be sure to tell your server.
  • Meals are eaten utensil-free but there are napkins and wet wipes available to help keep clean.
  • Drinks are included and alcohol is available for an additional cost.

  • Medieval Times opens 75 minutes before show time. Before the show, you can explore the “castle” which largely consists of several gift shops and a bar. For $2.00 per person extra you can visit the Dungeon, which is filled with replica torture devices.
  • There is plenty of free parking. Be aware that the entrance to Medieval Times is through the mall near Best Buy, not the castle visible from the parking lot.
  •  The first row of seating is reserved for VIP packages and the rest of the seating is available on a first-come, first served basis. The view from the back row is great so you will still have a great view even if you arrive just before show time.
  • There are changing tables and boosters are available, as well as stroller parking.
  • For kids who may need to get up and move a little there is some open space behind the last row of seats where kids can stretch their legs without missing the action.
  • The show (including the meal) is two hours with no intermission.
  • General admission is $61.95 for adults and $36.95 for children 12 and under. Children 3 and under can be admitted free to sit on a grown-up’s lap and share a meal. There are nearly always specials so look for one before buying tickets.
  • Kids and adults are welcome to dress-up in their favorite gown or armor for their visit.

Head out for an adventure and be taken far, far away to a land where kids imaginations will soar!

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