Monster Jam Washington DC: A Mom’s Review

Monster Trucks hold a special place in the hearts of many children and the opportunity experience the action live is an experience your child won’t forget.

Monster Jam is mostly about Monster Trucks that compete against one another for prizes in different categories as well as an overall grand prize that is given out at the end of the show.

There are usually more well-known Monster Trucks, such as:

  • Grave Digger
  • Megalodon
  • Zombie
  • El Toro Loco
  • Alien Invasion
  • Soldier of Fortune
  • And more

Most fans pick a favorite truck to root for throughout the competition.

Throughout Monster Jam the Monster Trucks perform feats such as going up on two wheels, jumping as high as possible in the air, and in one particularly memorable trick flipping upside down and landing back on all four ties.

It’s not unusual to see a couple of Monster Trucks land upside down or on their side and loose some pieces along the way.

My kids love watching the Freestyle Competition in which drivers can really show off what they can do with their Monster Truck and can combine tricks. It’s also fun to watch videos about drivers and hear their interviews from the pit to get to know them a bit.

Monster Jam is also interactive to the extent that the audience plays a role in determining the winners of the competitions. When Monster Jam starts, the audience is given instructions about how to access the Judge’s Zone with their phones.

Several times throughout the show the audience is asked to rate the performance of a Monster Truck (and its driver) to determine the winner.

My kids absolutely love being able to vote. If you have enough phones we recommend bringing one per child so they can all vote. The Capital One Arena has wifi so you can use old phones without cellular service to participate in the judging.

In addition to the Monster Trucks, Monster Jam usually features other competitions involving ATVs and speedsters. These races are fun to watch, although most spectators do not consider them the main attraction. The trucks are loud.

Ear plugs for adults and earphones like these are recommended for children. Ear plugs and Monster Jam branded earphones are available for sale on-site but at much higher prices so it pays to plan in advance. If your child is particularly sensitive to noise you may want to get noise canceling headphones.

Monster Jam usually rolls through the DC area about twice a year at the Capital One Arena and one outdoor venue. This June Monster Jam will be at FedEx Field for the first time ever.

Getting There

There are four metro stops located near the Capital One Arena making it accessible from the Red, Yellow, Greet, Orange, and Blue lines.

The Gallery Place-Chinatown station is located directly at Verizon Arena (Red, Yellow and Green lines). Judiciary Square (Red line), Metro Arena (Red, Orange and Blue lines) and Archives-Navy Memorial Penn Quarter (Green and Yellow lines) are within walking distance.

Parking for the event is available at the Capital One Arena but there are several garages within a few blocks that charge much less.

There are metered spaces surrounding the Capital One Arena, but demand for parking is high and many spots allow for only two hours of parking so plan your time accordingly.

How Long is Monster Jam?

The Moster Jam show is about 2 hours to 2 hours and 30 minutes long.

There is a 15-minute intermission / halftime during the show.

Babies and Toddlers

There is stroller parking at various locations within the arena. There are also family rest rooms with changing tables.

Get there early

Get warmed up for the show and be your best with exclusive moves taught by the mouse that started it all during Mickey’s Dance-Along Pre-Show.

Running Time

About two and a half hours, including an intermission.

What to leave at home

No outside food or drink is permitted, but if you or your child has a special diet call ahead to make arrangements and you will be accommodated. You may bring one empty water bottle per person and fill it up in the arena. Leave cameras with detachable lenses, tablets and all other electronics besides cell phones at home. Bag size is technically limited to 14x14x6 but reports are that diaper bags of any size are allowed in.

Enjoy the show!

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