Monster Jam

If the names Grave Digger, Illuminator, and Crushstation are familiar to you, chances are you live with or are a Monster Truck fan.  It’s been three years since Monster Trucks made a stop in DC, so you don’t want to miss the chance to see them live at this year’s Monster Jam.

The two hour show keeps moving to keep both big and little fans interested.  First up are the races. Two Monster Trucks go head-to-head racing over pre-crushed cars through several rounds until one Monster Truck remains and is named champion.  Between rounds are “Quad Races,” where rival ATV teams from DC and Philadelphia also race for championship status.  After champions are named, there is a brief intermission, followed by motorcycle stunts.  The stunts are extremely impressive, with riders going as high as the second level of the Verizon Center, some turning while mid-air.

The last portion of Monster Jam, however, is what most Monster Truck fans come for and that is the Freestyle event.  Each Monster Truck is given some time to show off his best moves.  The trucks drive over pre-crushed cars and some not-yet crushed cars.  At the show we saw, the new cars never quite got crushed, much to my six year old son’s disappointment, but he still enjoyed the many pop-wheelies and other moves the Monster Trucks did during the Freestyle.

Many Monster Truck fans brought homemade signs showing support for their favorite truck and there were some fans showing support through their clothing, including several fans of the Superman-themed “Man of Steel” truck wearing capes.

The show lasts approximately two hours, including a 15 minute intermission.   There are two shows left here in DC on Saturday, January 25th.  The 2:00 show offers the option of purchasing a $10.00 pass for a Party in the Pits with the chance to get up-close with the Monster Trucks and get autographs. 

Ticket prices start at $10.00 for kids and go up to $65.00.  The second show on Saturday, January 25th is at 7:30pm.  The show is definitely appropriate for young Monster Truck fans.   However, it can be extremely loud in the arena so we recommend ear plugs to protect little (and big) ears.

Limited street parking is available during performances.  However, most spots allow for only two hours of parking so plan your time accordingly.  Parking is available at the Verizon Center garage.  Slightly less expensive garages are available in the blocks surrounding the Verizon Center.

We highly recommended that you take metro.  There are four metro stops located near the Verizon Center making it accessible from the Red, Yellow, Greet, Orange, and Blue lines.  The Gallery Place-Chinatown station is located directly at Verizon Center (Red, Yellow and Green lines).  Judiciary Square (Red line), Metro Center (Red, Orange and Blue lines) and Archives-Navy Memorial Penn Quarter (Green and Yellow lines) are within walking distance.

If you miss the show while it’s at the Verizon Center, Monster Jam will be in Baltimore at the Baltimore Arena, February 28 to March 2, 2014.

Photos by Jamie Davis Smith.

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