Music and Children. Seems to go together like peanut butter and jelly. I’m constantly singing to my girls, making up my own rhymes to foster directional cues and for some reason it works. Despite my inability to stay on tune, my toddler will no doubt clean up her playroom as soon as I start singing our clean up song.

We have also been working on potty training. Singing songs like, “Sam peed today! Sam peed today! Hi Ho the Dairy Oh, Sam peed today!” are encouraging to her and bring a wide smile to her face. What is it about these musical ditties that capture a child’s attention? I just chalk it all up to the fact that music is a child’s best friend.

It is true, though, that encouraging music involvement in a fun way strengthens children’s physical, emotional and educational development. As a former teacher, I would teach the continents to my 2nd graders through song and spit out a tune on the water cycle to help the concept stick in their brains.

If you haven’t noticed, I am a fan of music and learning which is why I’m excited to introduce you to a fantastic company that has music and kids in mind. MusiKids is located in Bethesda, DC and Rockville. We popped over to the two-year-old class at the Bethesda location this past Saturday.

From the moment the class began, Ms. Gigi had the children (and parents) captivated with creative and educational songs and movement. My daughter, a very cautious observer, warmed up quickly, involving herself in songs and music play. Egg shakers, wooden sticks, and hand movements were incorporated throughout the 45-minute session.

All of the children were relaxed, yet engaged as Ms. Gigi danced, sang and involved all of the children in a musical journey. I was very impressed with the teacher’s flexibility, wittiness and ability to connect with every single child. Ms. Gigi shared her passion for music and movement in a way that made everyone want to join in on the fun.

MusiKids offers a variety of classes to support early childhood development. Check out the website for more information on schedules and pricing. Open play is also offered on Tuesday and Thursdays at the Bethesda location for crawlers through age 4. The cost is $6/child or you can also save and buy a punch card. Looking for your next party idea? MusiKids offers parties in-home or in their studio.

Metered street parking is available at the Bethesda location. Be sure to bring your coins. It’s situated on the corner right next to Imagination Stage.

Tidbit of the Day: Music is a great way to help your child learn. Check out musiKids either though open play or class. I was lucky enough to hear my 2 year old singing herself to sleep last night with one of the songs she learned at her musiKids class. It stuck. Kind of like peanut butter and jelly.

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