Parallel Universe

Parallel UniverseThe Matrix meets Black Mirror.  In case you hadn’t heard, ARTECHOUSE is an innovative, new art space in DC.  Their latest exhibition, Parallel Universe by Ouchhh, melds the worlds of astrology, mathematics and science into a mesmerizing show.

Parallel Universe at ARTECHOUSE

This is a multi-sensory experience.  As you walk into the main gallery space, the geometric shapes and images of the LED installation iOTA on the walls will hypnotize you.  Take a seat on one of the many comfy beanbag chairs and take it all in.  Unlike prior exhibits that I have been to at ARTECHOUSE, this exhibit has a soundtrack that made me feel like I was in The Matrix or even in Stranger Things.  The Our Kids scaredy-cat (aka my husband), definitely felt like he was in a sci-fi suspense movie.  Slowly throbbing sounds remind you of all those times lurking aliens were watching you, but you didn’t know they were until….

Parallel Universe is a more dark-toned exhibit then others, so I’d recommend this as an activity for kids ages 12 and up or better yet, a date night.

I particularly liked the exhibit in Gallery 1, H OM E OMOR PH ISM, where you could watch a psychedelic light show on display.   The idea here is to show how many forms observed in nature are related to geometry.  See how many and what shapes you can find here.

Gallery 2 features PORTAL, which made me feel like I was heading into a gateway as I reached the media lab.  In the media lab check out the funky and intimate code base light installation, Orion.  This was a little over-stimulating for me (spots in my eyes, a little loud), but I can see the appeal that it might create for others.

Parallel Universe at ARTECHOUSE

Additional Information

  • Parallel Universe is at ARTECHOUSE until March 4, 2018.  The exhibit is open to ages 12 and up during the daytime from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Thursday to Monday and daily evening admission for 21 and over from 5:30 to 11 p.m.
  • This exhibition is not recommended for people who have epilepsy or other visual light stimulation effects. Proceed with caution as the installation has a lot of sound, flashing lights and other strong effects.
  • Tickets prices range from $8 to $15 and can be reserved in advance, online.
  • There are various parking garages available plus limited street parking.  When we visited at 6 p.m. on a weekday there was plenty of street parking.
  • Hungry?  Potbelly Sandwich Shop, Flippin’ Pizza and Starbucks are all nearby.
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