Perils of the Lost Jungle Miniature Golf

Approaching the entrance to Perils of the Lost Jungle, the miniature golf course at Woody’s Golf Range, is a close second to approaching a ride at Walt Disney World. Dramatic theming, a friendly attendant, excited kids – and a line – all await you. No need to be put off, a backstory told through narrative signage and cool props (including individual passports for a 1935 jungle safari) help kill the time. The adventure proves worth

the wait.

The very well-maintained course is full of fun surprises at every hole, like water-zapping cobras that unexpectedly spray water at passersby. “Journey deep into the jungle… but beware the mysteries and danger that await you” is the motto for a reason. Each of the 18 holes is impressively and cleverly themed, featuring music from popular adventure movies (think Raiders of the Lost Ark), light and sound effects, animatronics and ‘artifacts.’

Our group of four consisted of parents, a pre-teen and a first grader. The first grader became increasingly skittish and, after a few holes, wasn’t willing to enter the small buildings, such as the pyramid and headhunter’s hut, along the way without someone going through with her. She later said of the experience, “Really fun and really scary!”

We watched as a group of preschoolers and parents made their way from the course to Nigel Bogey’s Party Porch (a nicely themed room inside the clubhouse) for an on-site birthday party. They didn’t seem fazed by the “mysteries and dangers” of the course, but instead seemed delighted to continue the adventure inside.


Hours are 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. The course was shady during our afternoon visit, but lights placed in the trees above indicate that the course is a neat experience after dark as well.


Adults are $10.50, children 12 and under are $9.50, and seniors 60 and over are $10. Admission is required for all guests, playing or not. A group discount is available.

The Clubhouse

Restrooms are located inside the clubhouse, just a few steps from the mini golf course. The women’s restroom offers a changing table. Also inside are a water fountain, cold drinks, ice cream novelties, and Mumbo’s Market (a tiny jungle safari-themed gift shop). The porch overlooks a driving range and features a couple of comfy rocking chairs. There are a couple of small picnic tables and more drink machines outside the clubhouse.

Photo by Erin Link.

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