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Peter Pan is a unique theater experience that the whole family can enjoy!  While the show follows the plot of the familiar tale of the boy who doesn’t want to grow up, the setting of the Threesixty Theater immerses the audience in this story like never before.

The Threesixty Theater is a giant white tent located just across International Drive from Tyson’s Corner Center.  The show is performed in a Peter Pan 360theater in the round style, but the most impressive part of this show is the amazing 360 degree screen that surrounds the roof of the tent.  The screen is the star of the show with its ever changing backgrounds, allowing the audience to follow along on the characters travels to Neverland and its magical scenery.

The theater in the round stage means that every seat in the house has a great view.  We sat close to the top of our section and felt fully immersed with the actors on the stage.  On the stage though, is not the only place you will find the actors as they spend a lot of time flying through the air above!  Fun fact: All of the flying is automated but run by live operators from several positions. Operators use joysticks to control 10 electric motors and approximately 1500 feet of steel cable. Each person flying is controlled by an individual operator.

The show is a great combination of dance, circus type acts, sword fighting and storytelling.  Kids and adults will also enjoy the unique way that the scenery changes and actors come and go through holes on the floor of the stage.

Families with children of all ages were at the performance on the night of our visit.   There are a few things in the show that can be scary – sword fights with pirates, loud noises and cannon fire, the death of two characters and one very large ticking crocodile.  Audience members in the first few rows get a very close look at the reptile so those with squeamish kids may want to opt to sit a few rows back!

The show has a running time of approximately 2 hours with a 20-minute intermission.  The first part of the performance is much longer than the second.  Secondary tents hold the box office, snack bar and gift shop and there are ample bathrooms in air-conditioned trailers (not port a potties!) located outside of the theater tent.  The theater tent is air conditioned and the according to their website the tent is prepared to handle any kind of weather.

Peter Pan 360Free parking for Peter Pan is in Garage A at Tyson’s Corner Center.  From the parking lot, it is a 10-minute walk to the theater with many people around to help guide you in the right direction.  There is a drop off zone and handicap parking closer to the theater. 

There are many options for eating dinner before the show nearby.  Silver Diner and Café Deluxe are two family friendly options located within a block of the theater.

Peter Pan will be at Tyson’s Corner through August 16th before packing up their tent and heading to Houston, TX.  Performances are scheduled:

  • Tuesday through Saturday evenings at 7:30 p.m.
  • Saturday afternoons at 11:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.
  • Sundays at 1:30 and 5:30 p.m.
  • Thursday July 16th at 10:30 a.m. (all other Thursday morning performances have been cancelled according to Ticketmaster)

Ticket prices range from $25 to $100 for most performances and are required for children ages 2 and up.  Travel Zoo currently has a 40% discount code for tickets for performances through July 12th and local restaurant Café Deluxe offers a special dinner and show package available on their website.  You can buy tickets online through Ticketmaster, or in person at the theater’s box office or at their kiosk on the lower level of Tyson’s Corner Center to avoid the Ticketmaster fees.

Get whisked away to Neverland this summer at this unique performance at the Peter Pan 360 Theater!

Photo Captions and Credits:

  • Photo One:  Dan Rosales takes flight as Peter Pan in PETER PAN at the Threesixty Theatre now through August 16.
  • Photo Two: Porsha Putney (Tiger Lily) and Dan Rosales (Peter Pan) in PETER PAN at the Threesixty Theatre now through August 16.
  • Photos by Jeremy Daniel.
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