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48. 48 days until Spring! Technically, that means we can all leave our heavy coats to rest in our closets and head outdoors to say hello to our favorite playgrounds. Until then I know you are just itching to get your little ones off to a place that is full of gross motor giddiness and different than an inflatable playground.

Drum roll, please.

Say hello to Play N’ Learn Playground Superstore. Located in Chantilly, this large haloed indoor playground space is a store and a play space. Open play is every Monday and Thursday from 10am to 1pm. Children 8 and under can romp around on three larger than life trampolines which are all enclosed in netting.

The playground structures are fantastic and made me wish that I were under the age of 8. I just had to have a go and found myself sliding down enclosed tunnel slides, climbing up wooden ladders and going for a swing ride next to my daughter.

We happened upon this open play on a Thursday around 11:30am. As you turn off from Stone croft Blvd. onto Pepsi Place, Play N’ Learn is located in the first building lot off to the right. Their name is not printed on the white business sign so if you have passed the Pepsi establishment on your left, you have gone too far.

Take a parking spot and head into the superstore. The first thing you will need to do will be to sign in for the open play at the registration desk. If this is your first time, you will be required to sign a one-time waiver.

The space offers the playground seeker a unique opportunity to check out all types of playgrounds. It offers Woodplay® & Playground One Swing Sets, Goalrilla™ basketball goals and Alleyoop® Sport and SpringFree Trampolines. If you are in the market for buying a solid swing set or other piece of outdoor equipment, this is a smart way to “play and learn” so that you can get a feel for what suits your kids playground style. I especially thought the interchangeable swing styles were a cool way to keep the playground at home interesting and usable over time.

While visiting, there were quite a few families there but we really never had to wait our turn as there are so many choices. There is a bathroom onsite, water fountains and a sitting area. So, you are probably wondering what price you have to pay to let your child enjoy this indoor playground (especially on the days where watching your child run around in circles at home over and over isn’t going to cut it)?! Put your wallets away, Ladies and Gents. It’s free.

Tidbit of the Day: The trampolines are addicting. It’s no wonder that 3 out of the 4 children jumping around had to be lured, escorted by parent or bribed off the trampoline(s). Have a handy tactic in your back pocket for softening the blow of leaving such a fun place. Saying “It’s snack time!” always does the trick in my family.

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