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You guys. This place.  It’s a gem of an opportunity for you to be in the same building as your children AND get work accomplished.  Play, Work or Dash is in the business of supporting all of us hard working parents, who are trying to catch up on business proposals, emails, host a meeting or grow a business.  We had the pleasure of stopping by for a visit last week.  Here’s how it works.

Play Work or DashPlay, Work or Dash offers three main services.  Parents can sign up online for “Play” where they can drop off their child in the playroom, then head upstairs to get some work done.  There are 90 minute and 3 hour options available.  When you arrive, you will make a nametag for your child, sign in on the tablet, help your child take their shoes off, and then walk them into the play area.  The playroom is well lit with a gamut of toys and activities.  Miss Courtney was leading up the playroom and had the environment under control. She was welcoming, kind and interacted with my children who were hesitant to stay in a new space at first.  Upon pick up, my girls couldn’t stop talking about all of the fun activities they did with Miss Courtney!

The working space offers clean desks, natural lighting, free WiFi access, a kitchen with coffee, tea and other refreshments.  You can also host a meeting in the meeting room.  I was pleasantly surprised by the tasteful décor and ease of setting myself up to get some work done for 90 minutes.  And there was no need to worry how my children were doing because there is a screen device that allows you to see how your children are doing in the playroom.  Peace of mind.  This smart company also offers their friendly space as a place to “Work” without the kids tagging along.

The third service offered is “Dash”.  This is an excellent option for those parents who need to attend a meeting off-site, head to a personal appointment or run an errand.  Children ages two and older and potty trained can be dropped off for 90 minutes.  Advanced registration is required for this service.

As working parents, our to-do lists are never ending and we consistently have professional obligations all the while trying to be available to our children.  I don’t know about you, but when I am home with my children, I want to be present.  Play, Work or Dash is the perfect place to jam out your work without feeling like your children are getting any less of you.  Let them have fun for up to 3 hours so you can wear your professional hat and knock off some of those to-do’s.

Getting There:Located in Vienna, VA, but closer to the Tyson’s Corner neck of the woods, Play, Work or Dash sits nestled in a row of town homes right off of Old Courthouse Road.  There’s nothing tricky about locating this business.  Just pop it into your GPS and head on over. There is a parking lot, which offers easy access to the front door.

Things to Note:

  • There is a bathroom on site.
  • Register online before you go.
  • The playroom supplies snacks for the children.  You can also bring your own nut- free snack.
  • Play, Work or Dash offers flexible membership options.   They have a “Pay as You Go” program as well as various membership levels.  “Pay as You Go” starts at $30 for a 90-minute work session.  You can find a full list of pricing here.
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