Point A to Point B

Looking for affordable, interactive, high-quality theater productions for children ages 0 to 6?  With the cooler weather headed our way, this is the perfect opportunity to experience a production by Arts on the Horizon.  This non-profit organization, founded in 2011, aims to engage, respect and cultivate the younger set with professional theater productions.  After experiencing a few of their productions, Our Kids is pleased to say that they live Point A to Point B Arts on the Horizonup to their mission every single time.

If you arrive before the show time, families are first set up in a room next to the theater with a variety of free play options.  Wiggly, excited children have the opportunity to start their theater experience off with hands-on fun and social interactions in this playroom.  It’s a fantastic way to set the stage.

As the show time nears, audience members are guided into the low-lit theater room next door.  The theater is not intimidating and very intimate as the seating is on the floor, very close to the stage.  Britney Mongold (Props/Set Designer) presents a set that is powerful, but not overwhelming with just the right amount of details to spark imagination.

Playwright, David Kilpatrick’s latest production, Point A to Point B presents a humorous, imaginative package for children 0 to 6.  Directed by the talented Megan Alrutz, Point A to Point B takes its viewers on a scientific journey at the lab where two employees are trying to figure out how to get balls of all properties from point A Point A to Point Bto point B.  Young audience members are taken on a problem-solving, elementary physics journey, all the while having a blast!

Attentive Scientist (Natalie Cutcher) performs side by side with a boisterous Catcher (Ryan Sellers).  The two employees have a magnetic chemistry that can be felt throughout the theater.  They are precise and imaginative in every move they make across the stage.  As the young audience members were watching the actors, they couldn’t help but verbalize their thoughts.  The Scientist and Catcher used this energy, giving many non-verbal cues back to the audience.

While the Scientist and Catcher were spot-on, the story line would have been lost without input from the Musician (Shanta Parasuraman).  The Musician guided the production with keyboard notes, musical sound effects and guitar tunes.  The connection between all three actors was seamless, which is why audience members were fully attentive for the entire 30-minutes.

After the show, families are given take-home craft project ideas related to the concepts in the performance.  Performers are also available for meet and greet in the hallway.

Point A to Point B is a stimulating and compelling show that will appeal to children ages 2 to 6.  By the time our 2, 4 and 6 year old arrived home, they were ready to create their own imaginative journey.  Our Kids highly recommends a trip over to Workhouse Arts Center to see Point A to Point B!

Additional Information

  • Performances are held at the W-3 Theatre at the Workhouse Arts Center:  Wednesday through Sunday, October 14th to 18th at 10:30 a.m.
  • Tickets are $9 for children and adults and can be purchased online or at the door on the day of performance. Children under 12 months old are admitted free of charge.  Military Rate: $6 per ticket (for Virginia shows).
  • Point A to Point B is best suited for ages 2 to 6. The show is 30 minutes.
  • Bathrooms are easily accessible from the theater area.
  • Photographs and videos are not permitted during the performance.
  • Free parking is available in the surrounding lots.
  • Point A to Point B will also be at the Atlas Performing Arts Center in DC from November 11 to 15, 2015.

Photos by Aram Vartian.

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