There’s a new jump house in town. It’s no ordinary jump house; it’s an indoor trampoline arena where family fun, fitness and birthday parties come together. The two large jumping arenas have trampolines on the walls and a foam pit to dive into, your kids will be sure to have fun.

The OK reviewers, boys aged 6 and 8 and their mom, set out early on Columbus Day to find out what Rebounderz was all about. When they arrived they were greeted by friendly staff and very loud music blaring throughout the entire facility. The front desk attendant was very helpful to the “first-timers.” She checked them in, checked their waivers and sent them over to the helmet and bounce shoe check-in to get fitted.

Once the helmets and shoes were on, the boys were greeted by an arena attendant who escorted them to the first trampoline arena. After climbing into the arena, the attendant gave a fairly lengthy safety and jump demonstration before releasing the boys to explore the arena on their own. It may have been more helpful to have friends or other experienced jumpers in the arena with the OK reviewers because they really didn’t know what to expect. It’s definitely a place to visit a couple times to really get the feel of what this new activity has to offer.

The boys did enjoy the second arena with the foam pit to jump into. After 25 minutes of jumping, the boys had had enough and really wanted to sample the video games spread throughout the Rebounderz facility. The gaming area is set up to accrue tickets and cash them in for little knick-knacks at the prize counter. If you’re hungry or if parents just want to hang out and not jump, there is a large lounge area with concessions – drinks, candy and snacks – available for purchase. Overall the OK reviewers enjoyed Rebounderz but probably could have benefitted if friends had joined them to hype up the experience.

Jump Time Pricing

  • Open Jump is $17/hour additional hours $13/hour.
  • A 30-minute jump time is $12.00.
  • All prices include safety helmet and safety shoes.

Things To Know Before You Go

  • Be sure to fill out the liability waiver online and print before going to Rebounderz to save time at check in.
  • Only pay for a 30-minute jump time. Trampoline is a sport and younger jumpers tend to get tired quickly. You can always go back and add time if you want to extend your visit.
  • Be prepared to bring some extra cash and plan to stay after you jump to give the kids time to play all the video games spread throughout the facility.
  • Birthday parties are available and cost $350. That fee includes 15 jumpers (including helmet and bounce shoes), a 2-hour party, 2 pizzas and 15 bottled waters, exclusive use of a party room, online party invitations, a dedicated party host, paper products, $1 in game tokens per participant and a t-shirt for the birthday jumper. Additional participants are $18.
  • Kids ages 12 and up can take part in Friday Night Frenzy for $35. It takes place on Fridays from 7:30 to 11pm and includes 2 slices of pizza and a fountain drink.

Rebounderz is a great place to let the kids burn off some extra energy but be prepared to spend some money.

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