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Research shows that children who learn the characteristics of rhyme are more likely to begin reading and spelling once they start school.  Rhymes help children understand segments of sounds, which in turn helps them to find common patterns in the English language.

Rhyme to Read is a new app to hit the market and its sole purpose is to help beginning readers understand patterns through short vowel sounds, word families and sight words.  Written and developed by Sara Hines, PHd in Special Education and Lynn Klaiman, learning specialist, this app contains 20 books that are to be used in a sequential order.  The first book starts off with the “–at” family and highlights the basic sight words in the upper right hand corner.  Once the child has mastered book 1, they can move on to the next book.  Each continuing book builds upon the previous.  The app is easy to navigate, with clear pictures and text.

Another great feature of Rhyme to Read are the color-coded words that support auditory and visual discrimination.  As the reader taps on each word, they will hear its sound.  The sight words are read by a different voice, which helps beginning readers decipher between word families and sight words in text.

Unlike other apps such as Reading Raven, Rhyme to Read focuses on the act of reading, rather than introducing games, writing and prizes.  This straightforward app is a fantastic supplement to a beginning readers box of tools.  Parents from all types of background can give their children a real head start in their education by introducing them to rhymes at a young age.  Rhyme to Read is geared towards children 5 and under but can certainly be used for remedial reading instruction.

The app is $7.99 and can be purchased in the iTunes store and is also available as an app for ipads OR as a download and print version.

** Disclaimer: Our Kids received a download of Rhyme to Read for review purposes.  All opinions represented here are our own.

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