Rocky Gorge Mini Golf & Batting Cages (What You Need to Know)

If you’re looking for some affordable mini golf fun in Laurel – Rocky Gorge mini golf is the place to go. There is a lot of other fun to be had as well including batting cages, a video arcade and more.ย 

Come try your hand at the worldโ€™s longest mini golf hole!

A quick 20 minute drive from Silver Spring put us at the facility on a sunny Thursday afternoon. The 19 hole miniature golf course has been around since 1965 so it is a little weathered but well kept. On the day of our visit my daughter and I were the only miniature golfers but there were many people using the driving range.

Rocky Gorge Mini Golf

Once out on the course, the holes are challenging enough to make it fun for adults but are not too hard for preschoolers and up (all holes labeled as Par 3). Most holes have an obstacle to hit through such as windmills, a clown face and even the Washington Monument. All holes are clearly marked and it is easy to find your way around the course. The 19th hole is billed as “The world’s longest miniature golf hole”.

I am not sure if that is official, but it was a fun hole to play. Once the ball goes into the hole on the 19th, it disappears via tunnel back into the clubhouse ending any argument of wanting to play again!

Rocky Gorge Batting Cages

While we didn’t use the batting cages ourselves, we saw a few other people there who seemed to be enjoying them.

At the Rocky Gorge batting cages older kids and teens (and parents too of course!) can practice their software or baseball swings. There is a 300-foot home run fence to aim for and the sheltered cages can be set to slow, medium, fast or curve pitches in the baseball cages and slow-pitch softball.

What It Costs

A round of mini golf costs $5 regardless of age for play any day 10am to 6pm. After 6pm, the cost is $7 per person. It’s $1.00 for 18 pitches at the batting cages. Note: Rocky Gorge accepts cash only.

When to Go

All facilities are open year round every day from 10am to 8pm.

According to the employee I spoke with, the course usually remains pretty empty during the day but gets busy on weekdays and weekends after 4pm. A great kid friendly feature is the 4 sizes of clubs offered. My four year old was able to find a club that fit her well and was easy for her to maneuver.

Other Amenities

Rocky Gorge has more than just mini golf. You’ll also find other things to do and sweet amenities like:

  • Batting cages for baseball and softball
  • Golf lessons
  • Driving range
  • Video arcade
  • Sheltered practice area
  • Heated tees (in the winter) and electric fans (for summer)

What to Eat

Rocky Gorge does not have any food facilities onsite. Drink vending machines are located near the 12th hole of the miniature golf course and after the 19th hole as well.

There are tables and chairs located in the above mentioned locations so there is a place to eat if you pack your own lunch or snack to eat while visiting. One women’s and one men’s restrooms are located in the driving range clubhouse (also near the 12th hole of mini golf). I would recommend avoiding them if at all possible.

Three minutes north on 29 puts you on route 216 which has a shopping center with Subway, Dunkin Donuts and a Chinese restaurant if you would like to combine lunch and golf. Be aware of the traffic circles off of this exit!

All in All

Overall, Rocky Gorge provided a pleasant first miniature golf experience for my four year old. It was nice to visit during the day when we could have the place to ourselves as it took quite a few tries to finish some of the holes (my daughter, not me!).

So if your beach vacation is still a few months off but the kids are big fans of miniature golf, head up to Laurel and enjoy a round at Rocky Gorge.

It’s Also Good to Know…

  • CASH only.
  • Bring some sunscreen if it is a sunny day – there is no shade on the course.
  • Pack any snacks you may need. There are no food facilities or vending on site.
  • Better to use the restroom before or after your visit

Photo by Rocky Gorge Golf Fairway

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