Calling all LEGO fans!  And all parents who might need a few hours to themselves on the weekends.  Snapology is a virtual Lego-paloza  for kids of all ages and kids ages five and up can be dropped off.  Little ones have their own room filled with DUPLOs.  Older kids can choose from multiple bins of LEGOs from mixed bricks, to Star Wars, dinosaurs, and even a good selection of LEGO Friends.   There is also a LEGO basketball set and a LEGO snowboard set

Although my children don’t fall into this category, there are also some non-LEGO related activities.  There are two Wiis (although all games are LEGO themed), there is a motorized race car track, a ramp for cars, a Kenex roller coaster set, dress-up clothes, and board games (also LEGO themed).

We visited for a recent LEGO Lab open play session.  My children, a boy and girl ages six and three, both had a great time with free play.  The thousands of LEGOs were the big draw and they easily could have stayed the full three hours of the weekend open LEGO Lab.  The kids also enjoyed playing with the other offerings at Snapology and I had a great time playing alongside them.

Snapology has LEGO Lab open from 10:00am 5:00pm on weekdays and 9:00am to 12:00 on weekends.  Children five and over may be dropped off, while younger children are welcome to play with a parent or other caregiver.   Play costs $10.00 per child per hour, regardless of whether you stay or drop your child off.  One or two staff members are on hand during LEGO Lab hours to watch and play with children who are dropped off.  Snapology also has a large variety of classes and camps ranging from robotics with Lego Minestorm kits, to preschool classes, to LEGO Ninjas, as well as programs designed for children with social challenges.  There are also two rooms available for birthday parties.

Happy building!

Additional Information

  • There is plenty of free parking.
  • There is room for strollers.
  • Changing tables are available.

Photos by Jamie Davis Smith.

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