Snow Tubing & Skiing at Whitetail Resort: All Details Inside

Thinking of going snow tubing, skiing or snowboarding at Whitetail Resort? Here we cover everything you need to know before you go.

From when to go, what to expect, how much it will cost, transportation options and more…we’ve got you covered!

Skiing, snow tubing and snowboarding at Whitetail Resort

About Snow Tubing

Whitetail Resort is a great getaway especially for those coming from the DC metropolitan area. It’s only about a 2-hour drive from major cities like Washington, DC, Arlington, VA and Baltimore, MD.

Tubing is a lot of fun! The tube has a leash so it can be pulled behind you.  It’s designed to slide and just a little effort keeps it moving.  

There’s an inclined moving walkway that takes you up the hill (no stairs or hills to climb). 

It can be a wrestling match to hold your tube on the walkway, but after a trip or two, everyone seems to get the hang of it. 


When you exit at the top of the moving walkway, you walk to a lane, then get in the tube and slide down. 

Snow Tubing & Ski Parking at Whitetail Resort


Parking at Whitetail resort is free and easy. There is separate parking for skiing and snow tubing so just follow the signs.

The lots are quite large so how close you will get to the front depends on how early you come.

If you do find yourself parking far from the resort, there are shuttle buses that will take you to the ticketing area. Just don’t forget to bring everything you need with you!

The Tubing Lounge

The tubing lounge is a large rectangular building.  It’s not luxurious, but it’s warm, has a fireplace, snack bar, bathrooms, chairs and tables.  

At the advice of our friends, we brought lunch from home and ate it in the lodge – plenty of other folks were doing the same thing. 

The Slopes

The kids insisted that there were differences in the ride from one lane to the next. I disagree, although each trip down is different based on whether you spin, turn, bump the walls dividing each lane from the next or so on.

You can attach your tube to another by looping the leash of one through the handle of another tube — we went down in pairs and triples, and the kids made a triplet when they found their friend in line. 

Regardless of how you went down the hill, it was fast and fun and we all agreed on that!

Support Staff

Whitetail staff are positioned at all the right spots to assist.  They are at the top and bottom of the walkway to help you on and off, at the top of the mountain to space tubes appropriately for safety, at the bottom of the mountain to make sure everyone moves out of the way efficiently, to allow others to tube down. 

My son left the tubing area to use the restroom in the lodge and it was no problem for him to leave and come back. 

I have always loved this place since I was a kid! Now I’m bringing my kid and teaching him where I learned how to ski. Great range of beginner to expert runs and lots of picnic space inside and out for lunch. They added some really nice fire pits outside for keeping warm. Food and lift tickets are a bit pricey but seems to be average with all the other places around. I miss the old cubby’s they used to have for holding gear, but it does minimize exposure to others in a covid world. I also noticed they had mask optional signs which is nice for people who want to choose to wear or not wear a mask. Had a great experience. Would definitely recommend.

Tara Gollem (Google Reviews)

Staying Warm

Playing in the snow and staying warm don’t usually go hand-in-hand but the despite the temperature being in the high 20s, low 30s, properly dressed, we were all quite comfortable.  So make sure to bring appropriate snow attire and you will last a lot longer outside!

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There is a fire pit near the tubing hill where you can also warm up without going inside or just watch others while you take a break.

Snow Tubing Age Limits

Whitetail advertises it as appropriate for ‘ages 2 to 92’ and we couldn’t agree more! 

For snow tubing, all riders must be at least 42” tall to ride the large runs.

A special “Kiddie” tubing run is available for children 41” tall and under through the purchase of a “Kiddie Tubing” ticket. The “Kiddie Tubing” ticket is valid on the Kiddie Hill ONLY.

Map of the Slopes | Whitetail Resort

Whitetail Tickets & Pricing

  • All snow tubing tickets at the Whitetail Resort are sold in advance and online.
  • Snow tubing is available in 2-hour time slots on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • The 2-hour session for kids is $10 per ticket
  • The 2-hour session for adults is $37 per ticket

Whitetail Lift Tickets, Skiing & Snow Tubing Prices

  • Purchasing your tickets online is a great idea if you want to be sure to skip the line (especially on weekends and holidays).
  • Tickets are typically limited during these times: December 25 – January 2, January 14-17, and February 18-27.

You have options with lift tickets:

  • Look for deals before the season starts
  • Purchase a half-day ticket
  • Purchase an ‘epic day pass’ which is good for 1-7 days
  • If you go with a friend who has tickets or passes, have them purchase Buddy or Ski With A Friend tickets online from their account
  • Children 4 and under receive free lift tickets
  • Military discounts are available (don’t forget to bring your military ID with you)
  • When you choose your pass, you can select from 29 resorts or all Whitetail resorts

See all your options here.

Lift tickets start at $94.

Whitetail Resort Snow Tubing

Whitetail Resort Hours

Snow tubing is closed Monday – Wednesday and open 4-9pm Thursday – Friday and 9am – 9am Saturday – Monday + Holidays.

Make sure to check the hours on holidays as they do differ.

Weekend tubing sessions start at the top of the hour.

Whitetail Ski & Equipment Rentals

If you don’t have ski equipment, don’t worry!

Whitetail has skis and snowboards available to rent. A helmet will be included with your equipment rental and multi-day rentals are available.

You’ll just need to show your ID and sign a release to rent.

Available equipment includes:

  • Skis
  • Snowboards
  • Helmets
  • Boots
  • Bindings (to attach your skis to your feet)

Visit here to check current pricing and see instructions on how to use the equipment so you’re ready to go when you get there.

Best Time to Visit Whitetail Resort

Just as with most places, the weekdays will always be your best bet. The weekends tend to get crowded. If you must go on the weekend, do what you can to go before noon.

On our trip, we had about 5 runs per hour early on Saturday and as we got to the afternoon it dropped to about 4 runs an hour.

snow tubing ar white tail resort
Image Source: White Tail Resort website

Regardless of the waiting, it’s fun to be out in the cold, throwing snowballs and sliding around on the tubes while waiting in line, so the kids didn’t seem to mind too much. 

Anytime you want to see what the slopes are looking like, you can check out Whitetail’s Mountain Cams to get a view before you go.

When Does Whitetail Resort Open?

The exact date of opening can vary so best to check with the resort.

For the 2022-2023 season the projected open date is from December 24th, 2022.

Getting to Whitetail Ski Resort

Most people drive to Whitetail as it’s the fastest and most economical option. If you’re visiting the Whitetail Resort in Pennsylvania and coming from the DC metropolitan area, you’ll take 495-N to 270-N to 70-W.

Bus to Whitetail Ski Resort

Another way to get to Whitetail is to take the bus. You can check availability and pricing from some of the bus companies:

Can I Bring Food to Whitetail Resort?

You can bring your own food and drinks to the resort.

Restaurants at Whitetail Resort

There are restaurants on site if you’d prefer to eat there. There are 3 cafeteria style restaurants if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat:

  • Day Break Cafe
  • Mountain Hearth Pizzeria
  • The Marketplace

There is also one fine dining option called Solstice.

If you do decide to eat at the restaurant, double check to see if you are required to make an advanced reservation the day before.

Also, check the restaurants as some will require face coverings and / or proof of vaccination.

See if you can pass up a cup of cocoa next to the fire!

What Else to Do Near Whitetail Resort

If you’re planning to stick around for some extra time, you can catch some other fun activities in the area including:

All in all, snow tubing and skiing at Whitetail is a well-organized activity for a winter day-trip or even an overnight trip in nearby Hagerstown.  In a winter where we don’t get a lot of snow, this would be a great way to use the winter gear that hangs lonely in the closet, and get out in the fresh cold air!

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