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Parents – we need our “me” time too. Luckily something Sprouted up in Clarendon not too long ago. To all of those parents who need a couple of extra hours to themselves while their children are in the next room being cared for by a loving group of charismatic ladies – this one’s for you.

My girls and I hopped in the car this morning to go check out a place called Sprout at Saffron located in the Clarendon area of Arlington. We knew we were headed to an indoor play space but what we did not know was how accommodating this place would be for children and adults alike. Check it out.

Like many parents in the DC area, Saphira, founder of Sprout, longed for a place to take her child where he could engage in meaningful play while she caught up on emails or worked on projects. Saphira opened the doors of Sprout in late 2012 to take some of the care-taking responsibilities off of mom and dad’s shoulders and let Sprout do that for a couple of hours. This is how it works.

As you drive, metro or walk over to Sprout, wear your smile knowing that you have 2 hours of much-deserved “me” time on the horizon. When your child asks you for a snack, you can simply respond “Sprout will handle your snack today!” Walk into Sprout and check in. You will be led to the open playroom where you and your child can take off your shoes and find a cubby cube to store all belongings.

OK, so you are almost there. One more thing left to do. Give your child a big hug, kiss, high five and let them know that you are not leaving the building but in fact, you will be in your own playroom right around the corner. Send them on their way to go play with the fantastic staff that are ready to create pretend soup, construct a craft or crawl on the floor with your child. And don’t worry. If your child is experiencing separation anxiety, the staff have some creative ways to help combat that obstacle. Parents can also feel rest assured that they are welcome back in the room at anytime.

This is where you, the parent, get to have a choice. You will have either decided to come with your laptop and work in one of the quiet rooms or Cafe on the free WiFi with a delightful beverage in hand. Or you will be headed upstairs to take a yoga or lava barre class. Should you feel the need to take a nap (and yes, it is well deserved), roll yourself out onto a relaxation bed also located in the upstairs area.

Sprout offers a variety of monthly membership options. You can choose to head over to Sprout once, twice or three times a week. Members also receive free wifi, discounts on massages, light refreshments, and 20% off of various exercise classes.

If monthly memberships aren’t your thing, then you can utilize their drop-in rate ($36/one child for a two hour session). Monthly memberships are strongly encouraged so that you can ensure the cheaper rate and space in the open play that best fits your needs.

What hit home the most for me during our two-hour visit was the constant, undivided attention given to the parents and children. The caretakers and Saphira know their clients on a first name basis and not only are they good with names, but they are good with needs too. It was so refreshing to see a business owner communicate effortlessly with parents, helping them find time for themselves while their child was busy engaging with puzzles.

One of the caretakers, Karissa, knew just how to cuddle up with the younger set, constantly giving them positive attention and guidance. As a parent, this set my mind at ease. I would not be able to go into another room and work or workout knowing that my child was not in good hands. Sprout gives the parent peace of mind.

With so many of us not within close distance to family help, Sprout prides themselves on being that extended family. So pay Sprout a visit and give yourself the gift of time. Your children will be happily engaged and you will be happily satisfied that you were able to check one more thing off of your never-ending to do list.

Good To Know

  • Parking is located right behind the Sprout building but is limited. The closest metro stop is Clarendon. Metered parking is located nearby.
  • Sprout offers tours available at 10am, 11am and 12pm.
  • Looking for something different to do with your Mommy’s playgroup or birthday party? Rent out Sprout’s open playroom for a very reasonable fee.
  • Mommy and Me class options are also available. Music Together and Movers are on the schedule now.
  • All toys in the open play area are sanitized and cleaned daily. Excellent!
  • There are two bathrooms. There is one in the main open play area and another (with a changing table and diapers) on the upper level. Caretakers are not responsible for changing diapers so they will come to you and let you do the honors should the need arise.
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