Stuart Little

Stuart Little delivers big laughs!  Based on the classic book by E.B. White, Adventure Theatre-MTC’s production of Stuart Little convincingly brings the little mouse to life.  A family in New York City is surprised to learn that their new son is in fact a mouse.  Nevertheless, they love him and Stuart Little at Adventure Theatre-MTCappreciate the things he does to help around the house that only a mouse can do, such as retrieving items that fall down the drain. 

Although Stuart Little is played by a fully-grown actor his small size is conveyed through everyday objects appearing enormous in his hands, including a wedding ring almost as big as he is and a ping-pong ball that is the size of a beach ball in his hands.

As Stuart Little gets older he goes on great adventures, including captaining a boat to win a big race, all while eluding the family cat, Snowbell.  One day, Stuart’s mother brings home a small injured bird named Margalo.  Stuart is immediately smitten and couldn’t have been happier when Margalo decides to stay with the family permanently. 

However, after learning that Snowbell is after her, Margalo disappears. The heartbroken Stuart packs his belongings in his handkerchief, leaves his family, and goes north in search of her.  Along the way he drives a model car, spends a day working as a substitute teacher, and meets some helpful friends.  When the story ends, Stuart has not yet found Margalo but is confident he will find her someday.

My children, ages 6.5 and 4, greatly enjoyed the show.  They particularly liked the interactive parts of the play, especially when the audience can see a key character but the actors cannot.  

My children were left with questions about whether Stuart ever finds Margalo and if he ever returned home to his family, but the open-endedness of the story can lead to children coming up with their own creative stories or happy endings.

Stuart Little offers many nice lessons for children, including that there are different ways to make a family, not all members of a family need to look alike, the importance of being kind to others, and, of course, that little people (and mice) can do big things.

Additional Information

  • Stuart Little at Adventure Theatre-MTCIf you go, Adventure Theatre-MTC is located in Glen Echo Park.
  • Stuart Little runs approximately 60 minutes.
  • Tickets are $19.00 for everyone one and up.  Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling 301-634-2270.
  • There is plenty of free parking at Glen Echo, but be sure to allot five to ten minutes to walk from the parking lot to the theatre, which is located at the far end of the park.  The path from the parking lot to the theater is completely flat and stroller-friendly.  There is a designated stroller parking.
  • The theatre has general admission seating, but with only seven rows arranged in a semi-circle around the stage there are no bad seats in the house.   Doors open about 15 minutes before show time.   An intimate experience is guaranteed with any seat so there is no need to plan on arriving much before show time to ensure a good seat, but if the theatre is packed you may not be able to sit with a large group if you arrive late.
  • If you see Stuart Little on a nice day be sure to take advantage of Glen Echo’s playground and historic carousel before or after the show.

Stuart Little runs through October 26th.  Don’t miss the big adventures of a little mouse!  

Photo Credits:

  • Photo One: Stuart Little (Chris Dinolfo) in Stuart Little now playing at Adventure Theatre-MTC.  Photo by Mike Horan.
  • Photo Two: Stuart Little gets his first Dr. Checkup.  Photo by C. Stanley Photography.
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