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When we left Summit Ropes, the first thing my son said was “You better give that place five star review.” Since kids are the experts on what kids find fun, Our Kids wholeheartedly give Summit Ropes our highest rating of five stars.






Summit ropes is a little different than other climbing places in the area. Since I prefer it when my kids climb walls other than the ones in my house, we have been to several of the Ninja courses and other indoor climbing areas in the area. While Summit Ropes has some similarities with other indoor adventure locations it is also different in ways that my kids loved.

One of the major differences I observed is that instead of having separate activity areas or climbing walls, Summit Ropes features one enormous climbing and adventure course, Zion Summit. This means that there is not a lot of time spent getting on and off equipment and no waiting in line. There are also lots of choices within the course so kids can choose which adventure they would like as they make their way through the course. There is an entire wall faced to look and feel like a mountain, but there are also parts of the course where visitors can swing, a tunnel, monkey bars, ladders, and more. Altogether, there are 120 elements in the ropes course. Less adventurous kids can elect to stay closer to the ground, while those who are fearless and like a challenge can work their way up through the high ropes. Zion Summit is for kids seven and up.  My eight year old had no problem on most of the course, although she did mention that she could not reach the monkey bars on the high course. However, with so much else to do she did not mind.

A staff member told me that the owners are active mountain climbers and designed the course to mimic their experiences climbing Mt. Zion in Zion National Park.







There is a second, smaller ropes course for children 4 and up, called Scouts Landing. My four year old son was thrilled on this low-to-the-ground course as he climbed through hula-hoops, navigated his way around giant, colorful balls suspended from ropes, and balanced on thin logs. I was able to walk on the ground next to my son as he navigated the course, but I didn’t have to as he was was able to navigate the course on his own and use the belay system for attaching himself to the safety cables with little assistance. I was so glad there was an option for younger kids while my older ones climbed the main ropes course, but Scouts Landing is worth a visit even if you do not have older kids along.







On both courses climbers are secured with a harness so it is impossible to fall. If a climber loses their footing they start swinging. My kids found it fun to swing intentionally. They were able to get themselves back on the course with no problem, but staff is available for a quick rescue if needed.


  • The staff is very friendly and helpful. All climbers are fitted with a helmet and harness prior to climbing and receive a safety briefing.
  • Staff is available to help both on and off the ropes course.
  • Tickets are sold for two hour increments. Most guests stay for the full two hours. My kids could have stayed even longer.
  • The ropes course is a great activity for adults too! This is a great activity to do with your child, as a date night, or as a Mom’s Night Out.
  • There is a nice set-up for parents who do not want to climb. Summit Ropes offers free wifi and lounge areas in both the lobby and upstairs viewing area. There is also complimentary coffee and flavored water.
  • Passes start at $12 for Scouts Landing and $19 for Mount Zion and go up depending on the day and time of your visit.  Passes can be purchased in advance for specific time slots.
  • Kids up to 4’11 and 125 pounds can climb on Scouts Landing.
  • Summit Ropes is available for birthday parties and other events.
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