55+ Fun Things to Do in Pennsylvania With Kids (2023)

It’s not too hard to find fun things to do in Pennsylvania with kids. The state has a wide variety of entertaining activities for kids and families to enjoy.

From thrilling theme parks and educational attractions to exploring nature and wildlife, there is something for every age group and interest.

kid riding carousel
Source: DelGrosso’s Amusement Park

Here I dive into some of the most popular places, as well as some of the lesser known and visited attractions that you don’t want to miss.

Additionally, we will uncover hidden gems within Pennsylvania’s vast natural landscapes including Elk Country Visitor Center and Lake Tobias Wildlife Park where children can get up close with fascinating creatures.

Source: Lincoln Caverns

And during those hot summer months when cooling off becomes essential, we’ve got you covered with the top ten beaches in the state, as well as water park recommendations.

Last but not least, let your child’s creativity soar at unique factory tours that make learning exciting and where you won’t find anywhere else.

Whether you’re looking for fun things to do in PA near you or you’re planning a road trip for a family vacation, Pennsylvania is the perfect place to have some serious fun with the entire family!

Source: Hershey Park

Thrilling Theme Parks for Families

Pennsylvania is home to some of the best amusement parks that cater to kids and families.

These parks offer a wide variety of attractions, including:

  • Roller coasters
  • Water rides
  • and live entertainment specifically for children.

Whether you’re looking for adrenaline-pumping thrills or gentle adventures suitable for younger visitors, these amusement parks have something fun in store.

Source: Hershey Park


Featuring 15 roller coasters and 9 water rides, Hersheypark, located in central Pennsylvania’s sweetest town – Hershey, boasts over 70 attractions tailored to various age groups.

With 15 roller coasters ranging from mild to wild and nine water rides at the Boardwalk area open during summer months, there’s plenty of excitement waiting around every corner.

Source: Hershey Park

The park also offers live shows featuring talented performers and candy characters like:

  • The iconic Hershey Bar
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
  • Kisses
  • Twizzlers
  • And Jolly Ranchers
Source: Knoebels Amusement Resort

Knoebels Amusement Park

Offering 16 Rides and Six Roller Coasters, Knoebels Amusement Resort is one of Pennsylvania’s most fun places to visit.

Nestled in Elysburg, within the scenic Pocono Mountains, lies Knoebels Amusement Park.

This charming park has been entertaining families since its opening in 1926 with its unique blend of classic amusements like carousels alongside modern thrill rides such as roller coasters Phoenix & Impulse.

MORE AMUSEMENT PARK FUN: 19 Best Amusement Parks in PA: Top Options

Knoebel’s offers free admission making it an affordable destination where you can pay per ride or purchase all-day wristbands depending on your preference.

Source: Dutch Wonderland

Dutch Wonderland

Located in the heart of picturesque Lancaster CountyDutch Wonderland is a 60-year-old amusement park with a medieval castle theme with over 35 rides.

It’s perfect for kids aged 12 and under, with rides, shows, and attractions designed especially for them.

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Dutch Wonderland also has a water park called Duke’s Lagoon, perfect for cooling off on a hot day.

One of its highlights is Exploration Island, where children can embark on interactive scavenger hunts to discover life-sized dinosaurs while learning about these prehistoric creatures.

Source: Delgrosso’s Amusement Park

DelGrosso’s Park & Laguna Splash Waterpark

Delgrosso’s Amusement Park is an Italian-themed family amusement park in Tipton, PA that features more than 30 rides, including Kid’s Kingdom for younger visitors, along with an exciting waterpark called Laguna Splash.

This amusement park is quite popular because its admission is entirely free! This way you only pay for the people riding and only for what you want to ride. 


Sesame Place® Philadelphia: A Sesame Street-themed park featuring character meet-and-greets, live shows, and kid-friendly rides.

Idlewild & SoakZone: Voted as one of the best kids’ parks in the world by Amusement Today magazine; Idlewild offers both amusement park rides and a water park experience.

Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom: This exceptional destination is both an amusement park with thrilling roller coaster rides and a refreshing water park.

No matter which amusement park you choose to explore in PA, unforgettable memories are guaranteed to be made with your family and friends.

Thrilling theme parks for families offer a great opportunity to make lasting memories, and next we’ll dive into educational attractions in Pennsylvania.

Key Takeaway

Pennsylvania has several family-friendly theme parks, including Hersheypark with its 15 roller coasters and 9 water rides; Knoebels Amusement Park offering a unique blend of classic amusements and modern thrill rides; Dutch Wonderland tailored for young children with Exploration Island featuring interactive scavenger hunts to discover life-sized dinosaurs.

Educational Attractions in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania offers numerous educational attractions that combine fun with learning experiences.

From science-related exhibits to historical museums, these destinations are perfect for families looking to engage their children’s minds while on vacation.

Source: Carnegie Science Center

Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh

Located in the heart of Carnegie Science Center, this interactive museum is a must-visit destination for kids aged 12 and older.

With over 250 hands-on exhibits, live demonstrations, and engaging workshops, your family will have a blast exploring topics such as:

  • Robotics
  • Space exploration
  • and Human biology

Don’t miss the chance to visit the Buhl Planetarium or catch an exciting show at the Rangos Giant Cinema.

Source: National Constitution Center

National Constitution Center Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia

The National Constitution Center Museum of the American Revolution is an excellent choice for history buffs seeking interactive activities that bring our nation’s past to life.

This immersive experience allows visitors to explore key moments from America’s founding through multimedia presentations and hands-on displays.

The museum also hosts special events throughout the year featuring guest speakers and reenactments designed for all age groups.

Source: Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

If you’re traveling with younger visitors who love creative playtime, be sure not to miss out on visiting Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

This award-winning institution provides endless opportunities for imaginative exploration across its three floors filled with innovative exhibits tailored specifically towards kids under ten years old.

Highlights include..

  • Waterplay: where little ones can splash around while learning about water properties.
  • MAKESHOP: a space dedicated to hands-on projects using real tools.

These educational attractions in Pennsylvania offer unique opportunities for families to bond while engaging their children’s curiosity. So pack your bags and get ready for some family fun as you explore all that the Keystone State has to offer.

Key Takeaway

Pennsylvania offers a variety of educational attractions that combine fun with learning experiences for families.

From the interactive Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh to the National Constitution Center Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, and Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, these destinations provide an enriching experience that will leave lasting memories while engaging children’s curiosity.

Observing animals up close is another unique experience that can help families bond with their children. Next, we would be exploring some of Pennsylvania’s best nature and wildlife spots.

Source: Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

Exploring Nature and Wildlife

For nature lovers seeking a little outdoor adventure with their kids, Pennsylvania boasts beautiful landscapes filled with wildlife viewing opportunities.

Visit Elk Country Visitor Center or Lake Tobias Wildlife Park where you can observe wild animals roaming freely within their natural habitat.

The Keystone State offers various fun activities for families to bond while enjoying the great outdoors.

Source: Elk Country Visitor Center

Elk Country Visitor Center

For a family-friendly outdoor experience, the Elk Country Visitor Center in central Pennsylvania is an ideal destination.

This education center provides interactive exhibits and guided tours that teach visitors about elk, their habitats, and conservation efforts.

During your visit, take part in one of the many scavenger hunts available for different age groups – perfect for keeping older kids engaged while younger visitors learn about these majestic creatures.

Source: Land of Little Horses Farm Park

Land of Little Horses Interactive Animal Theme Park

Land of Little Horses is like the petting zoo I never knew I always dreamed of.

This theme park houses a variety of tiny, adorable horses and goats awaiting to be loved by families and kids!

All the animals are friendly and easygoing, which makes this place perfect for younger kids.

Source: Land of Little Horses Farm Park

Not only this, there are several interactive activities offered in this park, such as:

  • The Mane Event (animal talent show)
  • Pig races
  • Game show (with a horse)
  • Herd release
  • Petting zoo
  • And more
Source: Wolf Sanctuary of PA

Wolf Sanctuary of PA

Visiting the Wolf Sanctuary of PA is one of my favorite things to do in Pennsylvania. The wolves are just beautiful and it’s definitely a one-of-a-kind experience. 

The sanctuary provides a safe haven for these wild animals that have been rescued from various parts of the U.S. and Canada.

However, expect this to be different from a petting zoo as Wolves are wild animals.

Source: Wolf Sanctuary of PA

You can stand a few feet away from these breathtaking animals, with fences in between for your safety.

Here, families can take guided tours to learn about the wolves’ history, behavior, and conservation. The experience would be great for ages 8 and up.

Apart from wolf tours, there is food, music, and other entertainment to provide a fun experience for families to bond with their kids!

Source: Pittsburgh Zoo

Pittsburgh Zoo 

The Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium is a lovely place to spend time together! Kids will have a blast seeing all the animals.

The zoo is beautifully landscaped and well-maintained, and the animals seem happy and healthy. You’ll find clear maps and informative signs throughout.

There are plenty of opportunities to learn about the animals, and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly.

Source: Pittsburgh Zoo

During your visit, make sure to check out the amazing creatures like:

  • Amur Tiger
  • Black Rhinoceros
  • Grant’s Zebra
  • Meerkat
  • Red Panda
  • And more

Don’t miss the gift shop and touch pond at the entrance. It’s a fantastic spot for both kids and animal lovers like me.

Source: National Park Service

Valley Forge National Historical Park 

Situated in the northwest of Philadelphia, Valley Forge National Historical Park is a gorgeous park that boasts fantastic views all year long.

It is filled with life most months, and even in the winter, there is still much to offer.

The park is perfect for history buffs and for educating children about history along with fun activities.

Source: Valley Forge National Historical Park

The museum visitor center has very informative exhibits, artifacts, and interactive displays that give visitors a nice glimpse into what life was like when George Washington and his army stayed there.

The park is also great for various activities, including:

  • Fishing
  • Biking
  • Walking
  • Picnicking
  • And hiking

So whether you are interested in history, nature, or just a fun day out, Valley Forge National Historical Park is the perfect place for families and kids!

Source: Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens 

Located in Pennsylvania, Longwood Gardens is a family-friendly botanical garden that offers a captivating experience with its incredible variety of flowers, plants, and trees.

This enchanting destination is worth visiting at any time of the year, as it showcases the beauty of nature in every season.

Source: Longwood Gardens

For families looking to create lasting memories, it provides numerous picturesque spots for capturing great photos of the kids.

The bright blooms and lush greenery make for the perfect backdrops for family portraits.

One of the highlights of Longwood Gardens is its diverse collection of flowering plants.

Be sure to check out:

  • Japanese Flowering Dogwood
  • Flame Azalea
  • Hybrid Peony
  • Waterer Hybrid Rhododendron
  • Hybrid Cranesbill
  • And many other captivating species in bloom.

To make the most of your visit, it is recommended to arrive in the morning. This way, you can comfortably explore the garden and avoid the midday sun, ensuring a pleasant experience for the entire family.

Source: Lehigh Valley Zoo

Lehigh Valley Zoo

Located in the Lehigh Valley area, Lehigh Valley Zoo is a delightful destination that offers a perfect experience for families with toddlers.

Despite being a small zoo, it offers a variety of attractions that captivate young minds.

The zoo’s animal shows are entertaining and educational, providing children with valuable insights into the animals they encounter.

Source: Lehigh Valley Zoo

The staff is friendly and dedicated, taking pride in their work. They create a welcoming atmosphere and showcase a genuine passion for providing an exceptional experience for visitors.

There are also some great food spots in the zoo, including:

  • Geakers Tacos
  • Cockatoo Cafe
  • Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream

Lehigh Valley Zoo is highly recommended if you’re planning a trip to the Lehigh Valley region. Despite its smaller size, the zoo offers a rewarding and engaging experience for families with young children.

Source: Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park featuring reptile & exotics facility

Nestled in the picturesque rolling hills of Halifax, Lake Tobias Wildlife Park is an ideal destination for animal enthusiasts looking to explore over 150 acres of diverse habitats housing hundreds of exotic species from around the world.

Hop on a safari tour through this sprawling park as knowledgeable guides share fascinating facts about its inhabitants such as:

  • Bison
  • Zebras
  • Antelope
  • Kangaroos
  • And more

In addition to observing these incredible animals at close range during your adventure-filled day out here, don’t forget to check out the Reptiles Exotic Facility, which showcases an impressive collection of snakes, lizards, and other creepy crawlies sure to delight both young and old alike.

Exotic Animals in PA

Pennsylvania has some great places to see exotic animals and even endangered species up close. So if you’re looking for even more fun places to go, check out:

  • Wild World of Animals (in Bentleyville, PA)
  • East Coast Exotic Animal Rescue (in Fairfield, PA)
  • Pocono Snake & Animal Farm (in East Stroudsburg, PA)
  • Living Treasures “Wild” Animal Park  (in New Castle, PA)
  • Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland (Allenwood, PA)

Source: Bushkill Falls

Pocono Mountains:

The Pocono Mountains are like a natural playground for families. They offer some fun activities that are worth doing with kids including:

  • Hiking Trails: The Pocono Mountains offer a variety of hiking trails suitable for all skill levels. From short, easy walks to challenging treks, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful region.
  • Waterfalls: Discover the breathtaking waterfalls scattered throughout the area, such as Bushkill Falls and Dingmans Falls. These natural wonders are perfect spots for family picnics or simply admiring their beauty.
  • Biking: Rent bikes and explore miles of scenic trails that wind through forests, fields, and along rivers in the Pocono Mountains.

In addition to these outdoor activities, families can also visit Presque Isle State Park, located on Lake Erie’s shoreline, which is one of the most beautiful state parks in the state.

This park offers numerous fun things to do with kids aged 12 and under during the summer months like swimming at its sandy beaches or exploring various nature trails teeming with wildlife.

Source: Cherry Hill Orchards

Pick Your Own Fruit

There may be nothing better than fresh produce and it is even better when you can take the kids to pick their own fruit. One of our favorite places to go is Cherry Hill Orchards where you can pick all kids of fruit depending on the time of year.

Some of the fruit they have to pick includes:

  • Apples
  • Peaches
  • Cherries
  • Strawberries

It’s not uncommon for us to make a day trip out of it to visit Lancaster

Go Ziplining

Kids who love a little adventure will love to hit the zip lines. This is one of the best things to do outdoors as you soar over the beautiful landscape. 

We’ve been to a few of the zipline and aerial adventure parks and we always have a great time. 

Spring and fall and a great time of year to go as it’s not too hot and too cold. 

Source: Hellerick’s Family Farm

Some great places to go are:

  • Pocono TreeVentures: Embark on a thrilling zip-line adventure across the lush trees of the Pocono Mountains. Perfect for kids aged 7 and up, their dual-locking safety harness ensures kids’ safety while providing peace of mind for parents. You can choose from a variety of courses with varying difficulty levels for an exciting and memorable experience.

  • Treetop Adventures: An incredible experience for children as there is a lower level for younger kids. It provides an adventurous height without overwhelming them with fear. Nestled within the Elmwood Park Zoo, it transports you to a wild environment. The helpful staff ensures a safe and enjoyable adventure.

  • Hellerick’s Family Farm: A delightful destination offering activities for both kids and adults. The ropes course is a thrilling adventure, with the last level providing a satisfying challenge for those seeking excitement. The attentive staff takes excellent care of children on the course, offering guidance and support to those who need it.

Key Takeaway

Pennsylvania offers a variety of fun outdoor activities for families with kids. From observing wild animals at Elk Country Visitor Center and Lake Tobias Wildlife Park to exploring the Pocono Mountains’ hiking trails, waterfalls, and biking paths, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful state. Don’t forget to visit Presque Isle State Park on Lake Erie’s shoreline for more summer fun.

Exploring nature and wildlife in Pennsylvania is an exciting adventure for kids of all ages. From Elk Country Visitor Center to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, there are plenty of opportunities to observe the wonders of nature.

Next up, let’s take a look at some beaches and water parks across state lines that offer great ways to cool off during the summer months.

Source: Presque Isle State Park

Beaches and Water Parks to Cool Off

During the summer months, families can enjoy cooling off at one of Pennsylvania’s ten beaches or visit various exciting water parks throughout the state.

These destinations offer thrilling slides, pools, and other recreational facilities to ensure everyone has a great time.

Top 7 Beaches in Pennslyvania

  • Presque Isle State Park: located on Lake Erie, this park offers sandy beaches perfect for swimming and sunbathing.
  • Raccoon Creek State Park: enjoy a day at the beach while exploring hiking trails in this beautiful park.
  • Bald Eagle State Park: with over 1,700 acres of water surface area available for recreation activities such as boating and fishing. Plus close hiking trails and snack bars
  • Beltzville State Park Beach: with 525 feet of shoreline, this beach is fun to enjoy with various fun things to do, like boating and kayaking
  • Kohler Beach: with no waves and lifeguards on duty, this is the safest beach in the state making it the perfect beach for little ones
  • Poe Valley State Park beach: a kid-friendly option with soft sand, barely any waves and a playground
  • Harvey’s Lake Beach: plenty of shoreline plus playgrounds, food and boat launches
Source: Kalahari Resorts & Conventions

Exciting Water Parks Throughout the Keystone State

Pennsylvania is home to several fantastic water parks that cater to all age groups.

From interactive exhibits designed specifically for younger visitors to adrenaline-pumping rides that older kids will love, these attractions provide endless family fun during hot summer days:

Kalahari Resorts & Conventions

As America’s largest indoor waterpark located in the Pocono Mountains region, Kalahari Resorts & Conventions features a variety of slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers that cater to all ages. So if you’re looking for an indoor pool, this is a fabulous option. 

Source: Dutch Wonderland

Dutch Wonderland

Located in Lancaster County, Dutch Wonderland, a family-friendly theme park, also includes Duke’s Lagoon Water Play Area, which is perfect for younger visitors looking to cool off on hot summer days.

Sandcastle Water Park

Situated near Pittsburgh, this water park offers 15 waterslides and attractions such as the Mon-Tsunami Wave Pool.

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Besides these popular water parks, there are many other options throughout central Pennsylvania.

For instance, The Boardwalk at Hersheypark® offers fun activities like roller coasters and water rides, suitable for kids aged 12 or older.

Source: Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark

Moreover, Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark, situated in the Pocono Mountains region, provides an exciting mix of thrill rides and interactive activities for families with children of all age groups.

No matter where you go in Pennsylvania, there are plenty of exciting activities to enjoy with your family.

Exploring a beach or aqua park can be an exhilarating way to beat the heat during the summertime.

Key Takeaway

Families can enjoy cooling off at one of Pennsylvania’s ten beaches or visit various exciting water parks throughout the state during summer months. These destinations offer thrilling slides, pools, and other recreational facilities to ensure everyone has a great time.

From interactive exhibits designed specifically for younger visitors to adrenaline-pumping rides that older kids will love, these attractions provide endless family fun during hot summer days.

Unique factory tours and experiences provide an educational opportunity for kids of all ages, so let’s take a look at some of Pennsylvania’s best offerings.

Unique Factory Tours and Experiences Kids Will Love

Pennsylvania offers several unique factory tours and interactive experiences that will spark children’s curiosity while teaching them about how things are made.

These engaging activities not only provide fun for the whole family but also give kids a chance to learn more about the Keystone State’s rich history and manufacturing industries.

Source: Crayola Experience PA

Crayola Experience in Easton Featuring Art-Related Activities

The Crayola Experience in Easton is an excellent destination for families with kids aged 12 and under, offering over 25 hands-on attractions where children can explore their creativity through various art-related activities.

The younger visitors will love the following creative activities:

  • Creating crayons
  • Designing custom coloring pages
  • Participating in scavenger hunts
  • And watching live demonstrations of how Crayola products are made.

The facility also features a playground area suitable for different age groups as well as a café serving kid-friendly meals.

Source: Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery

Julius Sturgis Pretzel Tour Offering Hands-On Twisting Lessons

If your family enjoys snacking on pretzels, then you won’t want to miss the Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery tour located in historic Lititz within Lancaster County.

Established in 1861 by Julius Sturgis himself – America’s first commercial pretzel baker.

This bakery allows visitors to witness firsthand how these delicious snacks are produced using traditional methods passed down through generations.

Source: Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery

During the guided tour, participants have an opportunity to learn about pretzel-making history while trying their hand at twisting dough into classic shapes under expert supervision.

This interactive experience is suitable for kids of all ages and makes for a memorable family outing.

Source: Hershey Park

Chocolate World in Hershey: A Sweet Adventure

No trip to central Pennsylvania would be complete without visiting Hershey’s Chocolate World, where families can immerse themselves in the world of chocolate-making.

This free attraction offers an exciting tour ride that takes guests through the process of creating their famous confections, from cocoa bean harvesting to wrapping finished products.

In addition to learning about the history of Milton S. Hershey and his company, visitors can also:

  • Create your own custom candy bars
  • Participate in interactive exhibits like “4D Chocolate Mystery”
  • Indulge at one of several on-site eateries serving up delicious treats
Source: Turkey Hill Experience

Turkey Hill Experience

Did you know you can take a tour of the factory that makes some of the most delicious ice cream?

On the tour you can also have unlimited samples and even get a chance to make your own ice cream.

Source: American Helicopter Museum & Education Center

American Helicopter Museum & Education Center: Soaring Through History

For older kids with an interest in aviation, consider visiting the American Helicopter Museum & Education Center located near West Chester.

This unique museum features over 35 helicopters on display – including military models used during various conflicts.

Source: American Helicopter Museum & Education Center

They also have hands-on exhibits that allow children to learn about helicopter design principles while engaging with flight simulators and other interactive activities designed specifically for young minds eager to explore this fascinating field further.

The unique factory tours and the experiences that the kids will love, provide a great way to get the whole family involved in something fun and educational. Indoor attractions designed for young minds offer another exciting option that is sure to keep everyone entertained.

Key Takeaway

Pennsylvania offers unique factory tours and experiences for kids to learn about the state’s rich history and manufacturing industries. Families can visit places like Crayola Experience, Julius Sturgis Pretzel Tour, Hershey’s Chocolate World, or American Helicopter Museum & Education Center to enjoy hands-on activities suitable for different age groups.

These destinations provide fun-filled opportunities for families to create lasting memories while exploring new interests together.

Indoor Attractions Designed For Young Minds

If your family prefers indoor attractions specifically designed for young minds eager to learn new things while having fun at the same time, Pennsylvania has plenty of options.

In this section, we will discuss two popular museums that cater to children’s interests and learning needs: Hands-on House Children’s Museum in Lancaster County and Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia.

Source: Hands-On House Children’s Museum

Hands-on House Children’s Museum

Hands-on House Children’s Museum is a perfect destination for kids aged 12 and under who love interactive activities.

The museum features various exhibits that encourage children to explore their creativity through hands-on experiences.

Source: Hands-on House Children’s Museum

Some of the most popular exhibits include:

  • The Little Valley Farm exhibit where younger visitors can pretend to be farmers by planting crops, milking cows, or collecting eggs from chickens.
  • An Art Studio where kids can create their masterpieces using different materials such as paint, clay, or recycled items.
  • A Science Lab offering exciting experiments, like making slime or exploring the world of insects up close with microscopes.

In addition to these engaging exhibits, Hands-on House also offers special events throughout the year, such as, scavenger hunts during Halloween season or themed workshops during summer months.

Source: Please Touch Museum

Please Touch Museum

Please Touch Museum, located in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park area within Memorial Hall building built back 1876 originally used Centennial Exposition; now houses one best places visit when looking engage young child’s mind play-based educational setting.

With its mission being “to change child’s life they discover power learning through play,” this museum offers various interactive exhibits designed for children aged seven and under. Some highlights include:

  • River Adventures: where kids can learn about water safety while navigating a river using toy boats
  • City Capers: an exhibit that allows children to explore different aspects of city life such as driving a bus or working in a grocery store.
  • The Flight Fantasy area: which encourages young visitors to use their imagination and creativity by designing their flying machines or dressing up as astronauts.
Source: Please Touch Museum

Please Touch Museum also hosts special events throughout the year like:

  • Puppet shows
  • Storytelling sessions
  • And live performances

These are catered specifically towards younger audiences ensuring everyone leaves feeling satisfied knowing more than before arriving here today.

NEARBY: While in Philadelphia, stop by the Reading Terminal Market for great food and shopping. Kids love exploring the market, spotting unique finds and of course, sampling the food. My kids love a printed map to explore the market. 

Both Hands-on House Children’s Museum and Please Touch Museum provide excellent opportunities for families with young children to have fun while learning valuable skills through play.

These indoor attractions offer engaging experiences tailored just right for age group interests – making them perfect destinations during your next visit to the Keystone State.

Key Takeaway

Pennsylvania offers plenty of indoor attractions for families with young children, including Hands-on House Children’s Museum in Lancaster County and Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia.

Both museums provide interactive exhibits designed to engage children’s interests and learning needs through play-based educational settings. Highlights include the Little Valley Farm exhibit at Hands-on House and River Adventures at Please Touch Museum.

Source: Kids Castle Family Fun Center

Indoor Play Areas

Sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate but luckily there are still some fun indoor places to take the kids. Some of our favorite indoor play areas to visit are:

  • Kids Castle Family Fun Center (Allentown, PA)
  • Oasis Family Fun Center (Glen Mills, PA)
  • Bette’s Family Fun Center (Aston, PA)
  • Funzilla (Fairless Hills, PA)
  • Lahey Family Fun Park (Clarks Summit, PA)

Museums & History for Kids

Source: Independence National Historical Park

Independence National Historical Park

Independence National Historical Park is a National Historic Landmark in Philadelphia that protects and preserves a dozen sites and green spaces. This is a great place to teach kids about American History in a fun way.

Kids can even become an Independence Junior Ranger and earn a certificate if they’re up for the challenge.

This is also where the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution were signed. 

Source: Independence National Historical Park

Kids also enjoy seeing the large bells. The Liberty Bell is one of the free things to see. Admission is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

The Centennial Bell rings every hour inside Independence Hall. 

Source: Franklin Institute

Franklin Institute 

The Franklin Institute is a science museum in Philadelphia, and you’ll definitely want to take the kids here! With kids, the museum will take up most of the day as there is so much to see and do.

This isn’t just any old science museum, though. They have live shows and lots of hands-on exhibits.

The shows are fun even for the littlest ones, who will be fully engaged and laughing.

Did you know? The Franklink Institute is where you’ll find the Benjamin Franklin National Memorial

It’s really a great way to teach kids about science in a super fun way. Make sure to pay attention to the live show schedule and then explore the hands-on exhibits in between.

Some more of what you’ll find:

  • Planetarium
  • Trains
  • Planes
  • Space stuff
  • Electricity exhibit
  • Brains exhibit
  • Heart exhibit

Even their on-site restaurant has delicious food.

Source: Andy Warhol Museum

Andy Warhol Museum

The Andy Warhol Museum is located on Pittsburgh’s north shore. It’s the largest museum in North America dedicated to a single artist, Andy Warhol. Many people consider it the best cultural institution in Pittsburgh.

The museum is arranged chronologically, starting from Warhol’s early life on the seventh floor and ending with contemporary artists inspired by his work on the second floor.

It’s a great way to learn about Warhol and see how his art progressed over time.

Source: Andy Warhol Museum

The museum has interactive areas that appeal to younger visitors. You can engage with the environment and have a hands-on experience.

Going through the entire museum usually takes about 1.5 to 2 hours, giving you enough time to enjoy everything.

I really liked the souvenir store too. They have cool stuff that you can bring back for your friends and family.

There is even a Grab-and-go counter and Coffee Bar where you can get yourself:

  • Sandwiches
  • Salads
  • Coffee
  • Latte
  • Espresso
  • And pastries
Source: Philadelphia Museum of Art 

Philadelphia Museum of Art 

Located at the northwest end of the iconic Benjamin Franklin Parkway at Eakins Oval, the Philadelphia Museum of Art stands as a testament to the city’s rich cultural heritage.

Its main building, which was opened in 1928, is a magnificent architectural masterpiece that commands attention and awe. Step inside, and you’ll discover a world of artistic wonders.

Source: Philadelphia Museum of Art 

The museum’s permanent collections are extensive, featuring a vast array of art spanning different periods and styles. The diverse variety of art includes:

  • American Art
  • Contemporary Art
  • Costume & Textiles
  • East Asian Art
  • European Decorative Arts & Sculpture
  • European Painting & Sculpture
  • Prints, Drawings & Photographs
  • South Asian Art

One notable highlight is the vast collection of glass art, making it an absolute must-visit for enthusiasts and admirers of this delicate and mesmerizing medium.

A visit to the museum can easily fill an entire day, allowing ample time to explore the remarkable art pieces.

The visitors aged below 18 can enjoy the museum’s wonders free of charge. This commitment to inclusivity provides a great educational space for visitors of all ages.

Source: Mercer Museum & Fonthill Castle

Mercer Museum

In  Doylestown, Mercer Museum is a six-story concrete castle that houses a collection of over 50,000 pre-Industrial tools.

Each exhibit tells a story, immersing guests in the intricate craftsmanship of the past. One of the highlights of this museum is its interactive exhibits, designed to engage and captivate young minds.

Children can embark on a delightful scavenger hunt, searching for hidden animals throughout the museum and collecting embossed stamps as they discover each one.

Source: Mercer Museum & Fonthill Castle

This engaging activity adds an element of excitement and adventure to their visit, making it a memorable experience for the whole family.

For the youngest visitors, the Mercer Museum provides a small activity room where little children can explore and play.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a curious explorer, or a family looking for an educational outing, this museum offers a truly unique and immersive experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Source: Strasburg Rail Road

Other Fun Things to Do

Source: The Amish Farm House

Visit an Amish Farm

There are so many fun things to do in PA Dutch Country and visiting an Amish Farm is definitely one of them!

If you want to take the kids on an unforgettable experience, definitely take them on a buggy ride!

Source: Strasburg Rail Road

Strasburg Rail Road

The Strasburg Rail Road is definitely the place to go for train rides! Your kids don’t even have to be train lovers to enjoy this experience. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Things to Do in Pennsylvania With Kids

What are the best family-friendly attractions in Pennsylvania?

The best family-friendly attractions in Pennsylvania include Hersheypark, Philadelphia Zoo, Please Touch Museum, and Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. These destinations offer a variety of activities, exhibits, and experiences tailored for kids and families.

Are there any free activities for kids in Pennsylvania?

Yes, there are several free activities for kids in Pennsylvania. Some options include visiting the Penn Treaty Park in Philadelphia, exploring the Lake Took-A-While Recreation Area, or attending one of the many seasonal festivals held throughout the state.

What outdoor activities can families enjoy together in Pennsylvania?

Families can enjoy various outdoor activities such as hiking at Ricketts Glen State Park, exploring caves at Indian Echo Caverns, and picnicking at Presque Isle State Park. Additionally, families can participate in water sports or go for a scenic bike ride along the Great Allegheny Passage Trail.

Are there any kid-friendly museums or zoos in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is home to several kid-friendly museums and zoos such as Philadelphia Zoo, Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, National Constitution Center, and Erie Zoo & Botanical Gardens.

Where are some of the best places to take kids on vacation in Pennsylvania?

The best places to take kids on vacation in Pennsylvania include Hershey, with its famous Hersheypark; Philadelphia for historical sites like Independence Hall; Gettysburg for educational experiences at Gettysburg National Military Park; and Pocono Mountains region offering various outdoor activities and family resorts.


There are plenty of exciting things to do in Pennsylvania with kids.

Families can enjoy thrilling theme parks, educational attractions like the National Constitution Center Museum and The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, and discovering nature and wildlife.

For those hot summer days, water parks like Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark offer a refreshing escape.

For creative minds, there are unique experiences to be had throughout the state, including indoor attractions tailored for younger audiences such as Hands-on House Children’s Museum and Please Touch Museum.

From small towns to major cities, these are the top things to do in Pennsylvania with kids.

There is so much you can do within a short drive from finding a great spot for outdoor recreation along the Delaware River and enjoying the natural beauty of the state to finding some more thrilling, adventure options everyone from the younger kids to the adults can enjoy. 

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