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Recently, we had the opportunity to take a test drive with an app called Thinkster Math.  Thinkster Math has one mission in mind and that is to make math tutoring accessible and easier for students around the globe.  This personalized learning program is unique in that it incorporates human interactions with technology, specific to your child’s needs.

Thinkster MathAs a former elementary school teacher, it was a priority in my classroom to meet the needs of every learner under my leadership.  Thinkster Math is a near perfect solution to meeting students where they are and further developing their skills.

This program impressed me on a variety of levels.  The curriculum is based off of Singapore Math and is aligned to Common Core State Standards. The user interface is easily navigated, simple and clean.  After you download the app or log in online, you will set up a user account for your child(ren).  This was a very quick and straightforward process. 

Each child will complete an assessment based on their grade.  The assessment is then evaluated by a qualified, human teacher (yes, a human) and your child is matched to a specific educator that will help them on their math journey.

Personalized worksheets are populated under each child’s account and children are encouraged to complete at least one worksheet per day.  Each worksheet includes tutorial videos that walk the child through the upcoming skill.  Families also have the opportunity to conference with their child’s teacher and walk through any areas of concern. 

During the conference, the teacher will run a virtual whiteboard session, answer any questions and check in with the student. Grading happens daily.  All of this can happen in the comfort of your own home, or wherever your child needs to be at the time.

On a larger scale, the parent can view a progress board which outlines skills mastered, skills yet to be addressed, and skills needing more attention.  Parents will be sent proficiency reports as well.  This could be an important tool to use in communicating with your child’s full time teacher.

If you are looking for extra math support for your child or they are struggling with math concepts, Thinkster Math is worth a go.  Consider trying out the program with their free 7-day trial.  You can also view their pricing options online.  Thinkster Math is convenient, intuitive and effective in helping children in Kindergarten through Eighth grade meet their math potential.

Disclaimer: Our Kids received a free 2-week trial period of Thinkster Math in order to review the app.  Rest assured, I only promote activities and businesses that I believe in and think would be of interest to Our Kids readers.

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